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the most likely answer should be yes because you can feel yourself getting less energy so that means that it is likely to be increasing

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Q: Does air pressure increase as altitude increases?
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What does air pressure do when altitude increases?

Air pressure decreases with increase of height.

How does air pressure change when altitude increases?

When altitude increase, oxygen will decrease

How does the air pressure change as the altitude increases?

Air pressure decreases as altitude increases.

What effect on air pressure with altitude explain briefly?

As altitude increases, air pressure decreases. As altitude decreases, air pressure increases.

How is air pressure related to altitude?

They are related because as air pressure increases altitude decreases or altitude increases air pressure decreases

Is it true or false that Air pressure increases as Altitude increases?

FALSE. air pressure DECREASES as altitude increases

What happens to the altitude when the air pressure increases?

Air pressure increase with lower altitude. Atmospheric pressure is due to air mass loading down to surface, high altitude had smaller amount of air mass on top.

What happens to air pressure as the altitude of the layers of th e atmosphere increase?

The pressure also increases

How does air pressure changes altitude increases?

It decreases. Air pressure is simply the pressure of all the other air on top of it. As you increase in elevation, there is less air on top of you. Therefore, the air pressure is less. As your altitude decreases, there is more air on top of you, therefore, the air pressure increases. Same with water. As you descend, water pressure increases. More on top of you.

Is it true air pressure increases as altitude increases?


Is it true that air pressure decreases as altitude decreases?

No. Air pressure decreases as altitude increases.

As altitude increases how does air pressure change?

Increased altitude means decreased air pressure.

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