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Does akon believe in a god?

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Yes, he does.

Akon is muslim, if you want more information holla at me at

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Does Akon believe in god?

Yes, he does. Akon is muslim, if you want more information holla at me at

Is Akon a Christain?

no akon is not a christian but he belives in god!

Did akon get shot?

No, thank god. :)

Is akon alive?

Why would you stalkers want to know, god you creeps.

What religion is akon?

hes a Muslim if you don't believe it listen to senegal

When did akon die?

believe it or not akon did get in a car accident in 2012. So he had blood all over his face and they took him to the doctor. The doctor said hes dead so thats all believe it or not he is dead

Why is Akon named Akon?

akon i

Is akon a musilm?

He is, because one of his songs he's say Allah, "So what you know about how God comes first in our lives, everything that we do is for Allah" and if you don't believe me check the lyrics and here the music.

Is Akon a king?

akon is not a king akon is not a king

Did god make bedbugs?

If you believe that God made the world and everything in it, then you must believe that God made bedbugs. If you don't believe that God made the world, or if you don't believe in God, then you likely do not believe that God made bedbugs.

What does Akon hate?

Akon hates some rumors- something everyone does. Check for a blog about Akon.

Why is your God the right God?

Because you believe he is the right God for you. It's what you believe that matters, not what someone else presume you believe or not believe in.

What is akon religion?

Akon is a famous singer which religion is Islam. Akon is Muslim.

What god did Sikhs believe in?

They believe in one God.

Does Jaden Smith believe in god?

no he do not believe in god

Do mohawk Indian believe in god?

No they did not believe in god

Did there believe in god?

Most cultures believe in a God.

Is Akon an Indian?

No, Akon is not an Indian.

Who is richer usher or akon?


What is Iman according to sunni philosophy?

Iman (or faith in English) is to worship God (or Allah) as if you see God and if you don't see God be sure God see you. The Iman or faith principles are:Believe in GodBelieve in God angelsBelieve in God holy booksBelieve in God prophetsbelieve in the second eternal lifeBelieve in the destiny and God will is controlling our lives.

Why do people believe that Muslims believe in a different god?

I am a Muslim and we believe the same god is you but we say Allah (GOD)

Who sung ra-one's chammak challo?

Believe it or not, it was Akon, I had no idea he could sing in hindi.

Man who does not believe in god?

Someone who doesn't believe in God is an atheistSomeone who is not sure whether there is a God or not is an agnostic.Someone who does believe in God is a theist

Do you have to believe in god?

Those who do believe in God also believe that we were created with free will to either believe in God or not. Humanity is not forced to accept God's existence.

What god do Buddhists believe in?

Buddhists do not believe in any god.

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