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Yes alcohol affects how you bleed.Alcohol thins the blood,and if you are older in age and are taking a blood thinner be very careful as to when you go and have that done .

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How much do you bleed when you pierce your penis?

well my boyfriend pierced his pierced and all i can say is there was quite a lot of blood.

Does it bleed when you get your belly pierced?

Yes but not much my sister just got her`s pierced she said it hurt like CRAP!

Why did your nose piercing bleed really bad?

When I got my nosed pierced it didn't bleed very much just like it would if I had gotten a scratch, but the guy that pierced my nose told me that he was surprised I didn't bleed very much because he said it depends on the person, like if you bleed alot when you get cut or something you're gunna bleed pretty good but they'll know what to do.

Why does alcohol make you drunk?

Alcohol can affect the nervous system, a major part of which is the brain. When too much alcohol enters the brain it can affect its functioning.

What affect does alcohol have on equilibrium?

Consuming too much alcohol can temporarily upset equilibrium.

Is it normal for a nose piercing to bleed?

I've had my nose pierced three times and the only time it's ever bled was when I caught it on some fabric and it really, really got a hard yank. Even then it didn't bleed very much. So perhaps go back to the place you got it pierced and ask them about it.

Can keppra affect your Blood Alcohol level?

No. Blood alcohol level is a measure of how much alcohol is in solution in the blood. It is possible to affect the rate of absorption, but not the level that is reached.

Can alcohol cause heavy menstrual bleeding?

yes. Alcohol can make you bleed very heavily. you must see your doctor as soon as you can and get an alcohol test to see if there is too much alcohol in your blood causing the problem.

How does alcohol affect men?

Alcohol effects men much more slowly than it does women.

Consuming alcohol can?

Consuming 'too much' alcohol can make you drunk, and could eventually affect your health.

Would drinking to much alcohol affect a cross country runner?

You can drink alcohol, it's OK, but just not to much. That goes for pretty much everyone.

How to make Isopropyl Alcohol?

react water and propylene,the purity of the propylene will affect how much isopropyl alcohol is made and how much propanol is made

How does alcohol affect performance?

If you drink too much it can damage your brain.

Alcohol affects a driver by?

Consuming too much alcohol can affect a driver by slowing down their response time.

What happens to your liver if you take too much lithium and alcohol?

lithium does not affect the liver, it affects the kidneys and thyroid. alcohol does affect the liver. both can kill on an overdose.

What affect does alcohol have on people?

It damages your brain and liver which may affect mental problems if it is drunk too much.

How does alcohol affect your coordination?

Coordination is greatly affected by alcohol. If you drink too much, you will not be able to walk in a straight line or balance.

How does the drinking of alcohol affect an adolescent?

The adolescent becomes drunk if too much alcohol is consumed in too short a period of time.

How much is getting your ears pierced?

It depends on where you go to get them pierced. Some places will not cost as much as other places do.

How does alcohol affect your family?

Alcohol abuse: Very,very,very badly. In the absence of abuse, alcohol can improve health, increase longevity, and add much pleasure to life.

What are two factors that influence how alcohol affects an individual?

There are many factors on how much alcohol can affect you. Two of them, weight and the proof (amount of alcohol or something like that) are the biggest ones.

Does alcohol only affect the body short term?

Yes and no. Alcohol can destroy the liver if too much alcohol is consumed. However, an individual does not consume alcohol for a long period of time, the liver can heal itself.

How do you know if you bleed too much when your on your menstruation?

how do you know if you bleed too much when your on your period

Does alcohol abuse affect the brain?

yes, too much alchol can kill brain cells

Does alcohol affect your sight after a few drinks?

It doesn't affect your sight so much as it affects your reaction speed and ability to focus clearly.