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Alcohol mainly just lowers your inhibitions. If you have a subconscious urge to do something immoral, then being drunk might impair your judgment enough where you'd do it.If you are a basically honest and faithful person it's not likely that drinking would change your attitude that much.

AnswerAlcohol doesn't manipulate either men or women to cheat. Overdrinking is often used as a convenient excuse for foolish or bad behavior. If a person has no inclination to cheat, drinking will not suddenly prompt them to cheat.

Basically, a person does actions when they're intoxicated that they have thought about doing while they were sober. The alcohol gives them superficial confidence and leads to the idea "it's not really me doing this, it's the alchohol."

Answerno, makes them drunk AnswerI think alchol can make women cheat. I think it can make anyone cheat if they are so out of it. Alchol makes us do things we wouldn't necessarily do. All inhibitions are gone when we drink. And believe me, I have had some wild sex when I have been drunk! Better than when Im sobber.
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Q: Does alcohol make women cheat
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