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Does all energy come from the sun?


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No. While wind, solar (obviously), and all fossil fuels can be traced back to solar energy, generalizing that all energy comes from the sun overlook sources such as nuclear and geothermal. Nuclear isotopes were not created in our sun, but within a supernova predating the formation of our sun. Geothermal energy derives from the heat of the decay of long lived isotopes from that ancient star within earth's mantle. Chemical energy (as in batteries) is provided by the chemical decomposition of materials that had been similarly forged in the core of that star that produced those unstable nuclear isotopes.

Tidal energy comes from the revolution of the moon about the earth.

Virtually all other energy sources derive from our sun. Wind originates through differential heating of crustal rock and surface water. Warm air rises, drawing in cooler air from surrounding areas. Hydroelectric power results from they hydrologic cycle, as the sun evaporates sea water (primarily), which condenses from clouds as snow and rain. Biofuels arise from plant photosynthesis.