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Does all lightning hit the ground?

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No. There is cloud to cloud lightning.

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What is twin lightning?

It is when to lightning thingys are the same and hit the ground at the same time.

Does lightning always hit ground?

No. Not every lightning bolt makes it to Earth.

Why do some lightning strikes hit other clouds?

because they are too dumb to hit directly the ground

Can a flying bird hit by lightning?

no because it is not touching the ground, only things that are touching the ground without shoes on can be electricuted.

Does lighting hit something everytime it strikes?

Lightning does not hit something every time it strikes. There are various forms of lightning. Lightning that is classified as "cloud to ground" lightning will strike something in it's path. Another form of lightning is sheet lightning. This type of lighting illuminates the sky and spreads from cloud to cloud.

What is The percentage of lightning bolts that hit the ground?

79.25..discovery channel said that 35 million out of every 44 million hit ground so that's what it works out to be.

What are the 4 types of lightning?

Cloud-to-ground lightningGround-to-cloud lightningCloud-to-cloud lightningDry lightningRocket lightningPositive lightningBall lightningUpper-atmospheric lightning

How does a lightning hit the ground?

it is attracted to trees and metals 2nd Answer: Well . . . lightning does not strike the ground, but you cannot tell because it happens so fast. First, the huge electrical potential that creates lightning bolts sends out feelers from the clouds. Most of these feelers don't progress any farther. But one or two of them reach the ground - a tree, a building, you. That creates a pathway between the ground and the clouds. At that point, a huge discharge of electricity leaps from the ground back up to the cloud. Lightning does all its damage LEAVING the ground, not striking it.

Does lightning strike from the sky to the ground or the ground to the sky?

Lightning strikes from both the sky to the ground and the ground to the sky. The part of the lightning visible to people comes from the ground.

Does lightning travel up from the ground?

No. lightning travels from clouds down to the ground, not up from the ground.

Does lightning strike down or up from the ground?

Lightning actually strikes the ground, although some people have photos of the ground striking the lightning.

How did Benjamin Franklin save lives with his lightning rode?

The lightning rods redirected the electricity into the ground. That way it didn't hit the house and start a fire.

Are you safe under a table from lightning?

if youre indoors than i would say youre safe anywhere. if you are outdoors, then no. if lightning were to hit the table, the electricity would be dispersed in all directions through the ground and up into your body.

Why does lightning strike the tallest object around?

Lightning is electricity, electricity will follow the path of least resistance a tree or you has less resistance than air so lightning will hit the tree instead of just the ground. (Electricity will always flow towards the ground)

Does lightning come from the sky or the ground?

Lightning comes from the sky, not the ground.

Where does lightning strike most?

Lightening strikes most in places where there is a lot of metal. It does not hit places where rubber is. It can hit anything that leads to the ground.

How is lightning categorized?

Lightning is categorized by type. For examples:cloud to cloudcloud to groundground to cloudball lightning

Why are people hit by lightning?

Because lightning attempts to travel along the easiest way to the ground, which, if you are standing, might include you. And because people are stupid enough to frequently go outside on open ground during a thunderstorm.

Does lightning come from the ground or the sky?

I am 100 percent sure that lightning comes from the clouds. The bottom part of the clouds are sometimes negatively charged and when they get near high objects (usually trees or tall buildings) they release all the negative charged atoms as plasma.

Does lightning come from the ground?

It is not proven by a scientist but by my research I have done lightning does in fact come from the ground. Lightning goes both ways (<------ahahah I made a funny) to and from the ground.

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