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No, sex during pregnancy is for the parents and encouraged, and the baby doesn't get affected concerning weight, growth or anything like that.

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Q: Does allowing intercourse during pregnancy help in the growth of the baby?
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When the growth start for children?

during pregnancy

Does breast growth affect pregnancy?

No, it's the pregnancy that affects the growth and makes then bigger.

During what month of pregnancy does the greatest amount of fetal growth occur?

During the 4th month, the first month of the second trimester, the greatest amount of fetal growth occurs.

What is the condition called with the problems to the fetus due to the mother smoking during pregnancy?

If you smoke during pregnancy will result to intrauterine retarded growth because nicotine can constrict blood vessel.

During the period 1865-1900 government contributed to the growth of corporations mainly by?

allowing them to develop with few restrictions

What is womb growth?

During pregnancy, a woman's womb (uterus) will expand to accommodate the growing human inside her.

What is the function of the Lactogenic hormone?

it is the harmone which controls the growth and secretory activity of female breast during pregnancy.

What does it mean when your uterus hurts when your pregnant?

Uterine pain during pregnancy is usually caused by rapid growth of the muscle. If you are experiencing pain during pregnancy you should call your Health Care Provider and discuss it with him/her.

Are female eggs still produced while pregnant?

in a normal female no mature eggs are not prduced during pregnancy, this is due to hormonal differences during pregnancy which are channelled into stimulating the growth and development of the baby.

Why bleeding nipples in late pregnancy?

A pregnant woman may have discharge from both breasts during pregnancy, even blood-tinged discharge during the last 2 months of pregnancy. or it cud b a tiny growth thats of no harm called a papilloma.

What are the effects on an unborn baby of drinking during pregnancy?

Heavy consumption of alcohol during pregnancy increases the risk that the baby could have fetal alcohol syndrome which is where the baby's growth and development are stunted, causing physical and learning and developmental disabilities. This is why it is not recommended for women to drink alcohol during pregnancy

Does a hormonal imbalance cause breast growth in women?

YES........ due to heavy stress like studies during pregnancy.

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