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Does aluminum react with fluorine?


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Aluminum does react with fluorine gas (which is the most corrosive substance known to science).


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Aluminum and fluorine combine to form the compound aluminum fluoride, AlF3.

yes aluminum does react to an acid

Aluminium can form with fluorine the aluminium trifluoride, AlF3.

Halogens are not highly react. Most reactive one is fluorine. Others are less reactive than fluorine.

no it will not react with aluminium

Fluorine does not attract metal, but it will react readily with most metals.

It reacts explosively with hydrogen.

When aluminum and bromine react, three bromine atoms combine with each aluminum atom.

Sodium and Fluorine react to form Sodium fluoride (NaF)

2Fe + 3F2 - 2FeF3 Iron + Fluorine - Iron Fluoride

Neon is an inert gas which does not react with fluorine or any other chemical.

Yes. Fluorine reacts with water to form hydrogen fluoride and oxygen.

Aluminum will not react with water at normal temperatures. Increase the temperature greatly, and just about any two things will react, though.

Fluorine is very reactive when it is paired with most elements. However, there are some that struggle to react with it unless under pressure or high temperatures.

Aluminium doesn't react with vinegar.

No it wold not because Gallium is in the same family as Aluminum and therefore has similar properties to Aluminum. Aluminum does not react with acetic acid.

Aluminum Hydroxide[Al(OH)3] and Sulphuric acid react to form Aluminum Sulphate and water.

No. Zinc and aluminum will react though.

Aluminium doesn't react with water.

they dont react in a good way they just make a big boom (explosian)

Radon react with fluorine (forming RnF3) and oxygen (forming probably the oxide RnO3).

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