Abusive Relationships and Domestic Violence

Does an abuser hurt during a breakup?

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yes that's why they use violence to try to keep people in the relationship. but they will move on to the next person and the next and the next. Abusing them all. Most of us detest abusers (stronger sex against the weaker) but women can be abusive towards their boyfriends or husbands as well and most of it is never reported because the male is too embarrassed or feels no one would understand or care. There is help for men as well when it comes to an abusive mate. Since abusers are usually considered lower than a snake's belly we often forget (and most of us don't care) that they are in a mental hell and are like a runaway locomotive and can't stop hurting the one's they love. Yes, they do love and we've often heard the saying, "You always hurt the ones you love" is very true. They do actually feel sorry for beating up their mate that they love, but can't stop. These individuals are frustrated, detest their peers, feel they have been slighted in society and deserve more and they take their frustrations out on their mate. Can they change? In most cases no because the abuser will seldom feel they need counseling and therefore never learn the tools to control their aspect of controlling others.

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How can you break up with your girlfriend with hurting her feelings?

Someones feelings will always be hurt during a breakup. Just be honest with her, she will be ok.

Why do men change their number to hurt you?

If it's after a breakup, they just don't want to talk, if it's before the breakup/used for the breakup, they are just cruel. It happens.

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How does a guy feel after a breakup from an abusive relationship and he is the abuser?

he feels horrible and his self esteem is low because the only reason why he beat you down was because he was insecure

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Why is he nice to you with a beakup?

Maybe he doesn't want to hurt you (though that's difficult to avoid with a breakup)

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Can you say to an abuser that you love him?

No, you should never tell an abuser you love them and if you think you love them then you need psychological counseling because abusing a person is not about love. You don't hurt the ones you love! Get out of this relationship while you still can!

Is it normal for a victim who has figured out her abuser to want to scream 'You are an abuser and you need serious help' during an argument?

Not to scream it, but definitely let them know

What is an animal abuser called?

Animal Abuser or Animal Cruelty Abuser

How do you breakup with guys but without hurting them?

It's not possible to break up with someone and not hurt them. A teacher once explained that you are going to hurt people by breaking up with them and other people are going to hurt youby breaking up with you.

Has anyone ever wanted to breakup with their boyfriend or girlfriend but loved them-they didn't do anything wrong?

i have it hurt so much

Does it hurt bottoming during sex if your a guy?

No, it does not hurt.

Was David Pelzer a child abuser?

No he is not a child abuser.

If you unintentionally make your spouse afraid one time during an argument Should you be labelled an abuser considering it was not intended and an Abuser knowingly repeats his Abusive ways?

Well if its UNintended, then no it doesn't make you a abuser. The abuser continues his abusive ways even after it's been brought up to him or her. Just be sure to talk to your spouse about this problem. Let them know that you are sorry for what you did and you did not mean to do it.

Should a woman stay in a verbally abusive relationship?

Nope. Because she she might get hurt even more. And the abuser might think it is ok to hurt them because they won't mind. Once they hit you, you should get out of that relationship.

What to do if your ex stayed with another girl during breakup?

Put a bullet through your head

Would you hurt someone you love if you dont know if they love you back?

No I would not. That is not the correct way to go about a Breakup, or other relationship difficultys. Answer If you love someone you wouldn't hurt them whether they love you back or not.

Why womens are being sexually abused?

There are many reasons that women have been sexually abused. It is usually not reason by the woman, though, that causes the abuse. Sometimes it is because the abuser was abused and it is a cycle. Sometimes the abuser is mentally unstable. Other time the abuser sexually abuses the woman as a punishment or to hurt them. There are many causes, but all are wrong and sexual abuse is always bad.

Can pressure on the uterus hurt the baby during pregnancy?

can pressure on the uterus hurt the baby during pregnancy

When does the hurt stop after a breakup from an abuser?

First you have to say to yourself (AND MEAN IT) that you really want the hurt to go away. Right now you are probably focusing on all the good times and discounting the damage done to you. You have to grow a backbone, immerse yourself in solid, supportive friends and family, and simply give it time. The longer you distance yourself from an abusive and unhealthy individual the more you will gain strength, and learn that you do not need him/her in your life anymore. If you backslide, it only proves what little you think of yourself.

When does the hurt stop after a breakup?

It will heal with the time. You need to focus on other things . Try to move on and be happy.

Do men get hurt like women do upon visiting the frequent haunts which they had as a couple after the breakup or they like to reminisce the good times there?

they probably do both...

What does it mean when youre partner kisses you during a breakup?

It either means: A) They don't actually want to break up with you, B) They still have feelings for you, but they still want to leave you, C) They don't want you to feel hurt or D) They got what they wanted, and they appreciate you.