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There are a host of variables that come into play with your question. For example, specific employment contract clauses, hire dates, etc. Call your insurance agent. They will be able to give you a detailed response.

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Q: Does an employer based out of New York have to charge equally by class of employee for health insurance premiums?
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What is paid equally by employer and employee?

social insurance

Is fica paid equally by employer and employee?


Can an employer suspend health coverage if the employee pays part of premium?

No, an employer cannot suspend health coverage if the employee pays part of premium. as per Law.In case where the employer pays the entire premium, he can suspend health coverage on one pretext or other.But when the premium is equally shared by both the employer and employee, it would be a contractual violation and the employee can sue against his employer for remedy.

What tax is paid equally by the employer and employee is the?

The required Social security and medicare taxes. Also known as the FICA taxes.

Can the company you work for pay your individual health insurance premium?

Generally NO. In CA it's in violation of AB 1672 - Insurance Code 10700 If you're the ONLY employee that might work. If there is more employees, individual plans have the disadvantage of being medically underwritten and there is some employee now or in the future who won't be eligible. In a group plan, ALL employees are covered regardless of medical conditions. Also all "similarly situated individuals" must be treated equally. It is possible if the employer is using a Health Reimbursement Arrangement (Section 105 Plan) for all employees. As stated above, the employer can not discriminate and must treat all employees equally. Generally what they can not do is have both an employer sponsored insurance plan for some employees and an HRA plan to reimburse some employees with their own individual plan.

Can an employer offer guaranteed issue group insurance plan and exclude certain conditions on an individual?

No No, these types of plans can not discriminate. The plan can have specific exclusions but they must be applied equally for all employees.

What are the rights of an employer?

the employer have the right to avail all of the benefits such as SSS or Phil health's also have the right to be threaten equally as an individual.

Does an employer in NY have to contribute equally by class of employee to health insurance premium?

It appears the Federal Law would require them to - "Simlarly Situated Individuals" The group of covered employees, their spouses or dependent children who are covered under a group health plan maintained by the employer or employee organization. This group is receiving their benefits under the group plan and not through COBRA continuation coverage. They are most similarly situated to the circumstances of the qualified beneficiary immediately before the qualifying event. View the original site for the links to work For more info. visit See also the employer group application - check the employer contribution sections

Do you need car insurance to buy a car?

Are you leasing a car or buying it? Private fleet is one of the renowned car buying service providers in Australia and could prove very handy in your decision making. Buying a car on lease is an old practice. Novated leasing is getting extremely popular these days with more and more Australians taking car on novated lease. Novated Lease is equally beneficial to the employer, employee and the auto company. It is 3 way agreements between the employer, auto finance company and the employee that allows employers to provide company car to its employees at a very little cost to the company and flexibility to both the parties.

Should my employer pay double time for Sundays?

Your employer is entitled to pay you as per the agreement. If your initial agreement states that you will be paid equally everyday, you can not claim more for Sunday work.

Increasing Health Care Costs Can Be Distributed Between Employees And Employers?

Health care costs continue to rise, which creates a tough dilemma amongst business owners across the world. As health care costs rise, premiums rise as well. This increases costs for businesses owners and they must decide whether to pass the increases onto employees or to absorb the increase. In today�s volatile economic scheme, business owners may hesitate to immediately absorb increases to health care premiums. On the other hand, employees can hardly afford less take home pay either. A business owner can offset increases in premiums by offering to equally distribute the increase between themselves and the employee. When this is done on a yearly basis, it has a minimal impact on the employee.

Is it legal for a employer to make an employee sign up for LLC so the employer wont have to deal with taxes?

You don't sign up for is a form of corporate entity and is formed...many others may be equally or more appropriate in most circumstances. An employer may employ anyone they want, or dischharge anyone they want and hire anyone or thing (outsource) that work. It is legal for him to do business with whatever forms/people he wants. However, if you are an employee or an independent contractor (which changes the taxability) is actually a facts and circumstances finding...and there are a number of easily found lists of rthe items the IRS considers. The existence of a claimed LLC vendor relationship would be seen through and not carry any weight with the Feds anyway.

What if 3 people are named beneficiaries on a life insurance policy?

If the insurance company accepted the policy, and unless there are specific provisions for dividing the benefit, it will be equally divided between the three beneficiaries.

How would one gain health net insurance?

To gain health net insurance you would have to reduce some percent from your medical, so that the proportions would be equally, and so you can use your premium.

How does life insurance pay two parties?

Each person gets a portion of the total amount. You can specify the percentages or have them split it equally. My aunt's life insurance was split between 23 of us!

Who is responsible for a no insurance ticket on a borrowed car The driver or owner?

Each could be ticketed. The driver for no insurance, and the owner for allowing unlawful operation. In the UK both are equally responsible for 'using a motor vehicle on a road without insurance' and both will be prosecuted.

What is the difference between private law and public law?

(in the US) There is no such thing as "private laws." You may be referring to rules, regulations, guidelines, standard operating procedures, etc., which guide and govern the operations and employees of private companies or other private entities, and to whom the employer (or regulator) can apply sanctions by virtue of the employer/employee status, but they do not apply to anyone outside that particular narrow sphere. Whereas, "public" laws are passed by democratic process by the legislature of the governed, and apply to ALL citizens equally.

Rights and responsibilities in the work place?

Every employee has the right to be treated equally and fairly in the workplace. Each one also has the responsibility to keep the workplace safe and be fair to coworkers.

Is it right for some employees with the same job description to get overtime while others don't?

No, overtime rules should equally apply to all employees with the same employee status.

What do you do if you have no medical insurance?

Why? Most often I hear because it's not affordable, my employer doesn't offer it, or I can't qualify with my health so let me just address these first: Not Affordable: I understand. You may want to consider picking up supplemental insurance so that you have something vs. nothing. With supplemental plans, the benefit dollars are sent to you (unless assigned otherwise) to do with what you deem necessary. Although health insurance is equally as important, if the mortgage/rent and a medical bill is sitting on the table and you only have enough money to pay one of them...which one wins? Some worry that if they don't have health insurance that they won't receive care or the best care if they don't have health insurance. The fact is so many of us today don't have health insurance so I don't think you'll find this to be the case now a days. My employer doesn't offer it: You can obtain individual health insurance policies provided you have decent health and a little money. The best way to shop for them is online. I can't qualify: Again, you may want to consider picking up supplemental insurance like above. You'll find their underwriting process is a bit more forgiving.

Release Covenant, Employee & Employer?

Release Covenant, Employee & Employer(Download)_________________________, Referred to as EMPLOYEE, and _________________________, referred to as EMPLOYER, agree:The parties entered into an employment contract on ____________________, with a stated term beginning on ___________________ and terminating on _________________________.The parties desire to enter into a full and final settlement of the obligations under the contract, and in consideration of the mutual covenants and obligations and other considerations, the receipt and sufficiency of which is acknowledged herewith:Jointly release one another from all claims from the beginning of time until the present.Nevertheless the following new agreement shall continue in full force and effect:For a period of _________________________ months from this date, EMPLOYEE shall not engage in the business of ____________________________________ in the following territory:_____________________________.Whether as a proprietor, employee, shareholder, consultant or in any other capacity.The parties agree that the damages, which may be suffered by the EMPLOYER, are difficult to fix, and which damages may be irreparable, and the parties specifically agree that this covenant may be specifically enforced.This is the entire agreement between the parties, and there are no agreements not expressed herein, and this agreement may be only modified in writing executed by the parties hereto.Dated: ______________________________________________________________________________________________________ By Employee or Contractor_______________________________________________________________________ By EmployerRelease Covenant, Employee & EmployerReview ListThis review list is provided to inform you about this document in question and assist you in its preparation. This Release Covenant is a small simple legal utility to get signed upon the termination or cessation of services of employees, contractors, or similar suppliers that have significant ties to your form. In the Business Agreement area we have more detailed and complex releases. But, they are often more off putting to the signer. This is a simpler agreement that is less threatening but quite protective in an overall sense.1. Keep blank copies in your termination files. Make a copy for the recipient; keep one in their file; and one in the corporate file.2. From the Employees point of view, unless you intend to bring suit against your Employer, signing this document releases you as well and ends your relationship on a solid legal footing.3. While first impressions are important, terminated or resigning employees should remember that last impressions are equally important. Some day you will want a recommendation from former employers; the better your last impression, the better the chance for a positive outcome in their recommendation for you.

What if someone lones there car to someone who is not on there insurance policy and they hit you and there insurance policy does not want to pay?

First make sure you have filed a Police Report. You can sue both the driver and the owner of the vehicle for your loss. They are both equally liable.

Why have a life insurance policy to the estate?

One reason is that the decedent wanted to have the funds available to pay debts of the estate and to have the remaining proceeds shared equally by the heirs.

What is FICA?

FICA stands for Federal Insurance Contribution (tax) Act. You and your employer both contribute a percentage of your income to this tax which is attributed to Social Security and Medicare. Social security is the governmental fund that provides income to retirees, disability, etc. Medicare provides medical insurance coverage to persons over age 65. As of the new law passed in Dec 2010: The tax is payable on the first $106,800 of earnings. Earning are defined slightly differently for this than what is used for withholding, (or other things). Additionally, a portion of what was a total of 15.3% tax equally paid between employer & employee - or entirely by self employed (half employer paid, half employee), is dedicated to Medicare and has no maximum earnings limit. HOWEVER: Under current law, employees pay a 6.2% Social Security tax on all wages earned up to $106,800 (in 2011) and self-employed individuals pay 12.4% Social Security self-employment taxes on all their self-employment income up to the same threshold. For 2011, the Senate passed 2010 Tax Reform Act gives a two-percentage-point payroll/self-employment tax holiday for employees and self-employeds. As a result, employees will pay only 4.2% Social Security tax on wages and self-employment individuals will pay only 10.4% Social Security self-employment taxes on self-employment income up to the threshold. The maximum savings for 2011 will be $2,136 (2% of $106,800). The amount paid by the employer will not change and will be that same 2% more than the employee.

How can you use equally in a sentence?

"Divide the pie equally." Is a sentence using equally.