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Legally he has to pay income tax on the net profit from the sale. It is income and therefore is taxable.

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Q: Does an individual who sells a used car have to pay taxes on the money collected for the sale of the car?
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Why are taxes collected?

Taxes are collected from subjects (or citizens)by governments so they have money with which they can do things and pay people.

Money collected by the government through taxes?

your mother

What of the following is an example of a tax collected by the state of Georgia?

individual income taxes

Why are income taxes collected?

Because the Government needs money.

Money collected by the government from various sources is known as?

Money that is collected by a government through various sources is referred to as revenue. This revenue is typically collected through taxes.

Where does the money collected from the sale of licenses and taxes of gasoline go?


What is money collected from citizens called?

Taxes, or in some cases "fees."

What class built roads lent money and collected taxes?

Gradually, a middle class developed, composed of workers who built roads, collected taxes, lent money, or became merchants

Who pays congresspersons salaries?

Since government does not produce anything to sell, their pay has to be collected from the people they provide a service to in the form of taxes and fee's. Federal taxes are collected from corporations and individuals in the form of corporate excise tax and individual estate taxes. However, income tax collected on your wages is not one of the taxes that pays for government salaries. This tax goes only to service the debt of the money government has borrowed from the central banks or the Federal Reserve.

What was a a leader of the empire who collected the taxes and sent the money back to Rome?


Who collected the taxes in medieval times?

the church collected most of the taxes

Who collected taxes for the king in ancient Egypt?

The Chief Collected The Taxes.

How are taxes collected?

They are collected by the state.

Where does the US government get the money to pay representatives and senators?

From taxes collected by the federal government.

What purposes are state taxes collected?

State taxes are collected to finance the government of the state. The money is used for roads, bridges, public buildings, police, emergency equipment and paying government employees.

How does Nevada make money for its state?

its collects taxes and sells human corps

How are federal taxes collected?

Federal taxes are collected by the IRS (Internal Revenue Service).

Explain taxes as a sources of fund?

All of the money taxes that is collected from the taxpayers would be a source for the fund. And the source of the fund would be the taxpayers that are paying the money tax to the fund.

What class in roman society built roads lent money and collected taxes.?

The Plebs and the slaves.

What is a Border Tax?

A border tax would have be taxes that would be collected on different things, items, individual, etc that cross a border some where that the taxes would be imposed.

Which of following taxes is collected by panchayat?

The Panchayat collected the house taxes that was used for rural development.

What did Ghana's king do with the money they raised from taxes?

The Ghana's kings used the tax money they collected to support Ghana's growing army. Traders weren't the only people who had to pay the taxes.

Did the articles of confederation lead to conflicts about states and money?

Because each state made laws collected taxes and printed money

How much slave taxes were collected by the us during slavery?

How much taxes were collected from slavery in the u.s.

What do you think will happen if taxes was not collected?

I personally think that without taxes the economy would fail due to people constantly saving money. Eventually more money will have to be printed again and again