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Bugs are invertebrates, which means they do not have a spine. Instead, they have a hard outer shell called an exoskeleton.

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Name an insect with an outer shell?

All insects have an outer shell called the exoskeleton.

How does seed protect itself from insect?

Some seeds have an outer covering which makes it hard for insects and animals to get into. Sunflower seeds have a hard outer shell to protect itself from predators.

What insect looks like an ant but has a hard shell?

The answer is stick insect.

What moth has a hard shell?

There are not any adult moths that have a hard outer shell. However, a pupa from the Gypsy Moth do have a hard outer shell for protection until it hits adulthood.

An egg with an outer hard shell is called?

An egg with an outer hard shell is called the cuticle or bloom. It helps keep out bacteria and dust.

What worm has a hard outer shell?


What is The earth hard outer shell?

the crust

Do spiders have a hard outer shell?

yes they do

What is the outer shell of a computer?

Hard Drive

What are mollusks with a hard outer shell?


Do insect have backbone?

No, their hard shell gives them stability instead.

Do mollusks usually have a hard outer shell?

no..... slugs are mollusks and they don't have a shell

What are tiny green black hard shell insect?

A tiny, green and black, insect with a hard shell is most likely a beetle. There are an estimated 28,000 species of beetles in North America.

Does an insect called a walking stick have bones?

No insect have bones. They have a hard outer covering, but no bones.

Why does an ant has a hard outer covering?

A hard outer covering protects an insect's soft body and gives the insect its shape.

What mollusk is predatory and has an outer shell?

The nautilus is a predatory mollusk with a hard outer shell. It is not only a predator, but also a scavenger.

The hard outer covering of an insect?


Does a beetle have a back bone?

No, the have a hard outer shell.

What do you call a hard outer skeletal shell?


Characteristics of mollusk?

Mollusk are a hard outer shell.

Do ladybirds have spines?

No they have a hard outer shell but no spine.

What is the function of the outer hard shell on a mollusk?


Do echinoderms usually have a hard outer shell?


Mollusks with a hard outer shell are?

The Answer would be invertebrate : ) ... !

Do cockroaches have hard shell?

Yes, cockroaches do have a hard outer shell to protect their abdomen. The shell itself is made of a material called chitin.