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Yes. Acceleration is change in velocity, and velocity is speed in a given direction. This means that if an object is changing direction then its velocity is changing, and therefore it is acceleration. (The part of the acceleration that deals with a change in direction and not speed is call centripetal acceleration)

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When a body is moving with uniform speed in circular motion acceleration will be?

When a body is moving with uniform speed in circular motion acceleration will be v2/r. v= velocity r=radius of the circular path

What type of motion causes constant acceleration?

The UCM (uniform circular motion) or a body moving on a frictionless surface have constant acceleration.

What identifies a change in motion that produces acceleration?

A ball moving at a constant speed around a circular track.

What will be acceleration of a car moving in a circular motion with constant speed.?

If body is moving in a circle with uniform or constant speed its acceleration will be uniform as velocity i.e. to say direction is changing at every point.

Is the statement 'a body moving with uniform speed along a circular path is subjected to uniform acceleration' true or false justify?

This statement is true. This type of movement is called Uniform Circular Motion. For every circular motion at constant speed, there is a constant radial acceleration (always pointing towards the center of the circle) named centripetal acceleration. This constant acceleration ensures that at every moment during the motion the orientation of the velocity is changed so that the object stays in a circular path.

Can a body moving with constant speed has acceleration?

Yes. Eg : in case of a uniform circular motion. In general, for every motion in which direction of motion of particle keeps changing continuously and the particle moves with same speed, then the net acceleration is non-zero, although tangential acceleration is zero.

Circular uniform motion?

Uniform circular motion is when an object is moving at a constant speed in a circular path. Objects that are in a uniform circular motion are constantly changing direction.

What is an example of Circular acceleration?

a satellite in orbit; it is moving at constant speed but is accelerating outward in circular acceleration, balanced by gravity acceleration (centripetal force).

What are some examples of circular motion?

There are a great many things that could be an example of moving in circular motion. The Earth moves in a circular motion for example.

What are two ways in which an object can have constant velocity uniform motion?

Objects moving in uniform circular motion will have a constant speed, and two objects with the same acceleration have a constant velocity.

Uniform circular motion deals with objects moving with what speed in a circular path?

When an object is moving in a uniform circular motion while traveling in a circular path, this means it has a constant speed. When an object is moving in a circular path, this indicates it is constantly being pulled towards the center of the circle.

Why is uniform circular motion called accelerated motion?

if an object moves along a circular path, the only change in its velocity is due to the change in the direction of the motion. The motion of the object moving along the circular path is, which is a uniform circular motion, is therefore an accelerated motion:):):):/

Can an object be moving if acceleration is zero?

Yes. Acceleration is defined as a change of speed and/or direction of motion. If the speed and direction of motion are constant, then there is no acceleration.

How is motion with constant speed different from motion with constant acceleration?

A motion with a constant speed will always be moving the same speed A motion with a constant acceleration will constantly be gaining speed, and does not remain moving at the same speed.

What are examples of circular motion?

moving of earth round the sun moving of a bicycle's wheel

Will a child on a carousel moving at constant speed has an acceleration of zero?

No! Carousels move in a circle (at least all the carousels I know do) in circular motion there is constant acceleration directed towards the center of the circle of magnitude a=v2/r

Can you make gravity?

In a way, you can by creating a centrifuge. If you have an object moving in circular motion, there will be centripetal force directed towards the center of your circle (Centripetal force yields centripetal acceleration). Gravity's acceleration on earth is ~9.81 and if you rotate a circle correctly, the acceleration can be matched.

Why is a particle in uniform circular motion not moving at a constant velocity?

Because an inseparable part of "velocity" is the direction of the motion,and anything in circular motion is constantly changing direction.

Objects that move along a circular path are they accelerated toward the outer edge of the circle?

Actually, objects moving around a circular path have two accelerations i.e. radial acceleration and tangential acceleration. Radial acceleration is towards the radius whereas tangential acceleration is the acceleration along the direction of the tangent to the path of the motion. So, I would say yes, they are accelerated towards the outer edge of the circle.

Why an object moving in a circular path at a constant speed is undergoing acceleration and has a force excert on it?

-- An object with no net force on it continues moving at constant speed in a straight line.If it's not moving in a straight line, then there must be net force acting on it.-- "Acceleration" is the word for the situation where either speed or direction of motion changes.Even if speed is constant, acceleration is present if the direction is changing.

Can a body moving at constant speed have acceleration?

If it goes in a straight path then no chance of having acceleration. But it goes in a circular or curved path then it has centripetal acceleration.

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