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Yes. Potential energy is essentially stored energy, so an object on a shelf would have it.


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The potential energy of an object that has a mass of 5kg and is on a shelf that is 2m high is 98 joules.

The potential energy of a 5kg object sitting on a shelf 3m high is 147 joules.

Gravitational potential energy is a type of energy that an object possesses because of where it is placed in a gravitational field. The higher the object the more energy it has, so if you had an object that was on the ground and then you put it on a high shelf then it would have more energy when it is on the shelf.

When a book is moved from a higher shelf to a lower shelf, the only significant thing that changes is the potential energy of the book: when the book is on the higher shelf, it's potential energy will be higher than when it is on a lower shelf.Potential energy is calculated using the formula:PE = mghWhere:m = mass of the objecth = height of the objectg = force of gravity

The bowling ball has more potential energy, but, how many people measure potential energy by having things fall on their head

When an object has potential energy it has the energy to do work.

A book on a shelf has potential energy.

How does a book on a higher shelf have more potential energy than a book on the lower shelf

Radiant Energy is not potential energy. They are two different things. Radiant energy is another word to say light energy. Potential energy is when an object not moving. To be specific, an object sitting on a shelf collects kinetic energy so when you knock it over, it falls because of gravity.

Potential energy refers to the energy stored in an object. An object has potential energy if it has height. An example that gives potential energy to an object is gravity.

A book on a shelf has potential energy.

Energy related to the height of an object is gravitational potential energy.Energy related to the height of an object is gravitational potential energy.Energy related to the height of an object is gravitational potential energy.Energy related to the height of an object is gravitational potential energy.

An object gets gravitational potential energy by

Potential energy is the energy contained in the position of an object, so object hanging on a tree would be potential energy.

Not sure what you mean by 'rate of gravity'. All objects with mass are attracted to the Earth's centre by a force proportional to the mass of the object. The constant called the gravitational constant produces a downward acceleration of any free falling object of 9.81 meters/sec2, called G. The force on the object is equal to its mass M times G, ie MG Newtons. Now energy equals (force x distance) so if you raise an object H meters, the energy used to do this is MG x H Joules. This then becomes its Potential Energy, potential because this energy is available to do work if the object is allowed to fall. So the object on the shelf has potential energy, the amount being dependent on how far it is going to fall if the shelf is suddenly removed. Obviously potential energy is relative to the level of the observer or the base line.

potential energy is not an object; it is an idea that all objects have energy that can be released

the higher an object is the more potential energy it has

We can increase the potential energy of an object by applying more energy on it

all objects do have energy it is all a question of which type you have potential; energy and kinetic energy potential energy is like stored energy and the object is known to have the potential to do work wher as kinetic energy is the energy an object has due to the motion of the object

Gravitational force is most commonly associated with potential energy.Whenever we lift an object (move it further from the earth's center), like taking it from the bottom of a hill to the top, or taking it from the floor and placing it on a shelf, table, or chair; we increase the potential energy of the object.

No, an object is not energy of any sort. It can possess energy, for instance a coffee pot on a high shelf has gravitational potential energy and a hot one has thermal energy.

Potential energy is energy of an object due to its location or the effect of forces which are "locked" in place. One example is a book on a shelf: it has gravitational potential energy which is realised when it falls. Another is a stretched spring whose potential energy is realised when the spring is allowed to return to its normal length.

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