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The model 1890 Winchester was only chambered in .22 short,22long,22 long rifle,or 22WRF calibers which were all rimfire calibers.

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The TC Seneca was produced from 1976 to 1987 It has a 13/16" wide octagon barrel 27" long. The Cherokee was produced until 1994 it has a 13/16 wide octagon barrel that is 24" long and no patch box or brass cap at the for-end of the stock.

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The chambering will be stamped right into the barrel.Since it's a 94, it will probably be stamped 30 WCF (Winchester Center Fire) which today is called 30-30 Winchester

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The gun is chambered for the 32 caliber Winchester center fire cartridge. Also known as the 32-20.

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The popular 243 Winchester originated as a wildcat based on the 308 Winchester brass necked down to 243 caliber, Warren Page developed the first prototype of this cartridge, it was then made available as a factory cartridge to the public by Winchester in 1955.The 243 Winchester is the first true dual purpose class of cartridges, loaded with lighter bullets it is an extremely effective varmint round, sending a 70 grain bullet out the barrel at 3,500 fps., this is enough for any varmint sized game at the 400 yard mark, however load it with 100 grain bullets at 3,000 fps. and you have an excellent deer and antelope round good for 300 yards.My own favorite bullet weight is 87 grains which serves the dual purpose of varmint and deer cartridge.The 243 Winchester is a light recoiling round which is comfortable enough for anyone to shoot, and it is inherently accurate which is a bonus to all that own a rifle chambered in this round.For a beginner just getting into the high power rifle sports the 243 Winchester round is highly recommended. Also for anyone that is recoil sensitive this is a great rifle cartridge.243 Winchester Barrel Specifications.Common Barrel Twist Rate - 1 in 10" & 1 in 9" (uncommon) 1 in 12".Bore Groove Diameter - .243"243 Winchester Reloading Specifications.Bullet Diameter - .243"Maximum Case Length - 2.045"Trimmed Case Length - 2.035"Primer Size - Large Rifle243 Winchester Loading Data Hints.The 243 Winchester most common barrel twist rate is 1 in 10" but if you have one with a twist rate of 1 in 9" or 1 in 9 1/2" then you'll find that the 243 will give its best bullet performance using 100 grain bullets with slower burning powders like I.M.R.4831 powder.243 Winchester Reloading Data.Hodgdon Reloading Data Center.243 Winchester Reloading Dies.RCBS Full Length Die Set, 243 Winchester.243 Winchester Shell Holder.RCBS #3 Shell Holder For 243 Winchester.243 Winchester Bullets..243 (diameter) Bullets, by Sierra, Barnes, Hornady, Nosler.243 Winchester Unprimed Brass.Winchester and Remington Bulk Unprimed Rifle Shellcases, 243 Winchester.243 Winchester Ammunition.Hornady, Remington, Winchester, 243 Winchester ammunition.243 Winchester Rifles.New Browning, Remington, Winchester .243 Winchester rifles here.243 Winchester Trajectory and Hunting Applications.This is a down range trajectory chart for the 243 Winchester cartridge with the scope mounted 1.5 inches above the bore center line plus if you were using this load, its effective hunting bullet energy range with well placed shots on,Varmint / Predator size game, such as Bobcat, Cougar, Coyote.Deer size game, such as Antelope, Blacktail, Hogs, Javelina, Mule, Whitetail.Elk size game, such as Caribou, Black Bear, Sheep.Moose size game, such as Brown Bear.Bullet diameter .243"Bullet weight 100 grainsBullet ballistic coeffecient .376Bullet velocity 3,100 feet per secondRange100 yds.200 yds.300 yds.400 yds.500 yds.++ 1.50- 6.8- 19.9- 40.71788148612281009825Varmint++++++Deer+++---Elk------Moose------

WCF = Winchester Center Fire

Winchester Center Fire.

Your rifle is a Model 94, named for the year of introduction, 1894. 30 WCF is the correct name of the ammunition it fires, .30 caliber Winchester Center Fire, the original name for the .30-30 cartridge.

The letters WCF stand for Winchester Center Fire.

If you are referring to the 32 W.C.F. or 32 W.S. (Winchester Special), both are center fire. Bert H.

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Yes.The Winchester model 1876 rifle was the only rifle made by Winchester that was chambered for the 45-60WCF(winchester center fire).

WCF stands for Winchester Center Fire.

The simple answer is fouling in the barrel from the powder. Any BP gun needs to have the barrel "seasoned" much like a cast iron pan. Cleaning after each shot is the best way to prevent the seating problem. Run a patch down the barrel saturated with a non petroleum cleaner like Thompson center #17, follow it with 2 dry patches to remove the fouling. That should cure the loading trouble. As time and more shots go by it will get easier and need less effort to clean.

The Thompson Center hawken that I have,has a barrel that is 28 inches long.

We know that an octagon is an eight-side polygon. Since each side has the same distance form the center of the circumscribed circle of the octagon, this octagon is a regular octagon. If we draw the radii of the circle (their endpoints there are at the vertexes of the octagon), we form 8 isosceles triangle, which radius represents two their congruent sides with a measure of 7.5 cm, and the distance drawn from the center of the circle to the sides of the octagon represents their altitudes with a measure of 6.9 cm. So, by using the Pythagorean theorem we can find the half of the side of the octagon, which is: 7.5)^2 - (6.9)^2 = 8.64 Since one half of the octagon side is square root of 8.64, the whole side is 2(square root of 8.64) Thus the perimeter of this octagon is approximately 47 cm [8 x 2(square root of 8.64)].