Does any one know if any manual front wheel drive trans will bolt up to a gm supercharged Buick 3800 v6?


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2007-08-28 18:44:19
2007-08-28 18:44:19

Gm is nice. They have only one 60 degree bolt pattern. 99.9% of gm front wheel drive vehicles are 60 degree. This includes your fwd caddy v-8's. I know for a fact the buick 3800 series engines are included in this. The only one I can think of that isn't a 60 degree pattern is the old iron 3.8 buick motors used up to about 1985. The problens you might incounter using a manual behind a 3800 would be the pilot bearing, and what flywheel to use. You might be able to get away using the flywheel off the donor vehicle. Good luck, Mike the Getrag F23 has been used with this engine in Cavaliers.

the Getrag F35 might also fit.

the F23 is a 5-speed, the F35 is a 6-speed

the F35 is used in the Pontiac G6, I believe with the 3.9L v-6 (same engine family as the 3800 s/c?)


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