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On most third gen camaros it's on the shift selector itself. Pull the shift knob and remove the trim plate. It should be on the flat metal piece (mounted vertically and front to rear) that attaches to the shift selector. You will need a pair of long-nose snap ring pliers to remove the shift knob. mp

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โˆ™ 2006-04-06 10:24:34
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Q: Does any one know where the park neutral switches are located in a V8 92 Camaro rs with a 700R4 trany?
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Will a 700r4 out of trk fit a 700r4 camaro?


What transmission does your 1989 z28 camaro have?


What transmission is in 89 camaro rs?

if its an automatic it is a 700r4

Did the 93 camaro have a 700r4 or a 4l60e tranny?


Will a 700R4 transmission fit a 92 Chevy Camaro 3.1 V6 engine?

Yes it will. My GMC S15 has 3.1 v6 Camaro engine stuffed into it with the original 700R4 tranny.

What transmission is in a 1984 camaro z28?

It came with the 700r4 automatic.

What was the stock transmission for an 89 camaro rs 5.0 car?


What transmission came in a 1990 camaro 305tbi?

it's a 700R4 tranny

What is the stock transmission for a 1986 Camaro?

Answer 700r4that should be a 700r4. its a 4 speed automatic. unless its a v6. then its a 200r4 or something like that.

What transmission comes in an automatic 96 z28 camaro?

4 spd 700r4

What type of automatic transmission came with 91 camaro rs 305 tbi?


What type of transmission is in your 92 camaro rs automatic?

should be a 700r4 dont quote me on that though

What kind of a transmission does a 1992 camaro rs 5l 305 have?

4 speed automatic aka 700r4

Will a 700r4 transmission fit a 1999 v6 camaro?

No it will not. That year car MUST have the 4L60E put back in it.

Will a 700r4 from a 91 3.1 camaro firebird fit a 88 astro 4.3?

alamejor ' they have the same oil pans

Will a 700R4 transmission fit a 1986 Chevy Camaro?

May take some modification in some instances, but yes, it can be done

What 5 speed manual transmission will fit your 68 Camaro?

what car can i pull a 5 or 6 speed transmission from to put in my 1968 camaro? I have a 700r4 in it now and would like a Manuel in it. THANKS!!

I have a 700r4 transmission and in drive it shifts from 1st to 2nd but then into neutral know what's wrong?

It's not shifting into neutral, the 3rd gear "drive" band is slipping. Time for rebuild.

Which gm cars have a 700r4 transmission?

not 100% butl 1980 or so till 92 camaro careful if u buy a tranny outta these cars

What type of transmission is in a 1998 camaro z28?

Probably a 4L60E which is an electronic version of the commonly called 700R4 transmission used in GM since 1982

Will a 700r4 transmission from a 91 camaro fit a 1999 chevy tahoe and go with its computer?


What conversion kit is available for putting a 1988 700R4 transmission with a mechanical speedometer into a 1992 Camaro which has electronic speedometer?

Abbott Enterprises offers a transducer with an ERA that converts mechanical to a electronic signal for your speedometer. They are located in Arkansas and can be reached at: 1-800-643-5973

How much is a transmission for a 1983 Chevy Camaro?

auto:200c/3.5 quarts.700r4/4.7quarts manual;4 speed/2.4 quarts.5 speed/3.5quarts

Will a 700R4 out of a 4x4 work in a 93 Camaro?

NO it will not, The center shaft that's in the 4x4 transmissions are longer then the 2-wheel drives. That is so the transfur case will slide onto the shaft.

What transmission was in a 1991 Chevy Camaro z28 with 350 v8?

The ONLY transmission that came in the 1991 350 Z28 was a four speed Automatic 700R4. IF it has a manual it was added by someone.