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I have been having this problem for quite some time now. I never feel like I get a good nights rest. I am going to be put on provigil

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Are you more rested when you dream all night or when you don't dream at all?

Studies say you are more rested when you are not dreaming because you do not have anything on your mind and you can rest peacefully without any bad or good dream bothering you from your peaceful rest.

What are the lyrics of the whole chorus of Dreams of an Absolution?

CHORUS Cause every night I will save your life!And every night I will be with you!Cause every night I still lay awakeAnd I dream of an absolution! Cause every night I will make it right!And every night I will come to you!But every night it just stays the sameIn my dream of an absolution!

How often do you dream?

It is believed that people dream every night, whether or not we realize it.

Is it healthy to dream every night?

Yes it is, and you do, whether you remember them or not...

What is the difference between people who dream every night and people who don't dream at all?

It's not possible to not dream at night because everybody dreams. Probably if you don't remember your dreams, you'll think you're not dreaming. So basically, everybody dreams every night!

Do you dream every night?

Yes, everyone, including animals, dream during every REM period. You just don't remember most of them.

What does it mean when you dream every night?

That is normal. Nearly everyone does dream every night, and often 4-5 times or so. Some dreams are just more memorable than others.

Does everyone dream while they?

Most people dream every night, but not everyone remembers that they had been dreaming.

How long does it take to dream?

It depends. On average, you can dream anywhere from two hours every night. Moreover, you can have four to seven dreams in one night.

Does Joseph dream about Sophie?

Yes, he has wet dreams about her every night!

Do you often dream?

Yes, I have dreams all the time - every night!

What does it mean when you dream your old boyfriend every night?

like for about almost two weeks now i dream about my old boyfriend every night. i dream him beeing with me again together happy and other nights i dream about him showing his friend a phone and saying his with someone else and i feel hurt in my dream. what does my dreams mean?

What does it mean when you dream of the guy you love every night?

Consider yourself lucky! This means he's on your mind a great deal and so few people get to dream of someone they love every single night.

How can you guarantee dreaming every night?

You can not do that. Most likely you do dream but don't remember it.

What does it mean if you dream about killing people you know every night?

The people you dream of killing every night represent aspects of yourself. The dreams express the desire to "kill" or eliminate those characteristics or behaviors that you hate in yourself.

When you are put to sleep can you dream?

You can't make yourself dream, but you do dream every night. 30% of your sleep is dreaming, that's why you can't usually remember your dreams.

What happens when someone does not dream while they sleep?

Everybody dreams every night when they sleep. But you do not remember every dream and some people don't remember any of them...Everything will be just fine

What does it mean to dream about your boyfriend?

It means you are in love with him! You think about him everyday and every night! You are in love girl!

What does it mean to dream about a different guy every night?

You must have a lot of different guys on your mind ;)

Does everybody have dreams?

Yes we all have dreams. We might not remember them, But we all dream every night.

How do you spell dream in past present?

What is past present?Dream is a regular verb so add -ed to make the past simple and past participle.dream / dreamed / dreamed.I dream every night.Last night I dreamed I was lost.I have dreamed that dream before.Before my cat died I had dreamed about it's death.

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