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Does anybody want to trade a tornadus over to you?

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do you mean like trade a tornadus to me or do you want one? cause if you have one i will trade you

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Does anybody want to trade Pokemon with you?

Sure. When?

Where is Eevee in Pokemon Black and White?

well its in in the gts and i can trade maybe but its named SHORTCAKE and it's lv .1 sorry im asking for a Tornadus sorry for the ripoff but i want a Tornadus really bad answer back because i can trade many other Pokemon to

Does anybody want to trade a deoxys for a starter?

i would like to trade for a torchic if i had a deoxys

Does anybody want to trade me for my Dialga lvl 47 in a normal pokeball?

what do you whant for the dialga

Anybody Want to Trade Friend Codes?

well mine is 3309 7215 3054

Anybody want to trade a lelel 100 Celebi?

i have one but the only way is if you have a level100 regirock

Does anybody want to trade sillybandz?

Yeah I do (am i talking to myself?) I have a dragon one and some other.

How can you catch a tornadus on white without a master ball?

Well if you want to catch a tornadus get a golbat that knows the move mean look then use it on the tornadus and it cant escape intill u beat it or run or capture it then make it have low hp but have like over 40 ultra balls and start to throw them and hopefully u catch it

Does anybody want to trade you some Pokemon on soul silver?

I have Pokemon HeartGold, and I'll be more than willing to trade some Pokemon with you if you like ^^

Would anybody be willing to trade a Shaymin over WFC friend code is 1118 7555 8476?

ok my friend code is 2235 4504 4854 but i want infernape with a rash nature

Does anybody want to trade or battle on Pokemon wi fi Fi 3179 6879 8877 Brandon?

# yes i do

Will anybody trade your 100 level Electivire on Pokemon platinum?

i meant my 100 level electivire, i really want a totodile

Does anybody want to trade Pokemon with you so you can get arceus?

I will if you give a shiny charizard or something else good email

What trade did both the French and British colonists want control over?

i think they both wanted control over the fur trade

Does anybody want to trade a shiny ditto for a regigigas your friend code is 3309 7215 3054 also willing to trade lvl 100 umbreon lvl 100 starly and and Empoleon?

sure could you tell me youre friend code, what Pokemon you want, and what time and date you want to trade(remember must be shiny)

Will someone trade you an Deoxys please?

You can't just "trade" one. You have to have a connection cord. No i want to trade over Pokemon wifi

What are the Pokémon you can trade in Pokémon HeartGold?

Any Pokemon you want to.but you cant trade Pokemon you get from events over wifi

Which trade did both the French and British colonists want control over?


Need To Trade your Gurdurr on Pokemon white so it evolves can anybody help with the trade?

I'm assuming you want to trade him then get him traded back? I can help. My friend code is 3224 5356 6936. I'm not sure if I need yours or not. Just comment on this with yours.

How do you trade stuff on woozworld?

Roll your mouse over a person you want to trade with, (make sure your inventory is open), and click the Arrow button (something like that) that is the trade button and click it and drag the items you want to trade for (something else that someone wants to trade that item for ______)

How do you trade players on NBA 2k10?

Go to the roster and find the player you want to trade for. Click on him and scroll down to trade player. Then switch one panel over (horizontally to the right) and click on the panel. Go to the team you want the person on and choose the person you want to swap out. Then execute the trade.

How do you get thundorus in Pokemon Black version?

look frist its its tornadus u get in black and seconed thundorus is one white's legendarys. if u really want get thudorus in black u trade with a freind that has white ;) thanks 4 raeding my answer bye bye

Does anybody have a munchlax they want to trade?

i have a muchlax for trade but for what al trade u any of the starters for your munchlax please? I need a munchlax too. I don't have legendary Pokemon but I can give you a gible,yanma combee,vespiqween and some other Pokemon. Please tell me what you need so that I can see if I have that Pokemon to trade with you.

Why did problems arise between the British government and the colonist in North America?

Because the British wanted to rule over the colonist and the colonist did not want to be ruled over by the British. Or for that matter they did not want to be ruled over by anybody because they wanted to be a free country.

How do you get pokabu without starting over or trading?

If you started with it then you wouldn't have to start over. You will have to trade or use global trade if you don't want to start over. After you defeat the elite four find a ditto (unless your starter is female) then breed one of yours, someone will probably trade the baby starters on Global Trade.

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