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No diagram, but suggestion: Belt SHOULD go around the crank pulley (lowest pulley), then A/C pulley, then under tensioner pulley, and then around alternator pulley. When you "tighten" (screw in) the tensioner pulley adjuster bolt, it loosens, as the pulley comes toward your wrench and AWAY from the belt. So, to tighten the belt, you UNSCREW the tensioner pulley adjuster bolt, which pushes the pulley against the belt until it's tight. Be sure when adjusting the belt to loosen the center bolt on the tensioner pulley, and the alternator pivot bolt and lock-down bolt...just a little bit. If not, the adjuster bolt can get bent trying to move against the strain. I replace one recently and they aren't cheap for their size! Good luck

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A diagram is a picture showing the appearance, structure, or workings of something. It's a schematic representation of something.

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