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Does anyone have any ideas why the accessory coach battery on a 1995 Eurovan camper is not charging when driving but does charge when plugged into a 110 electircal source?


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first you must check to see if there is voltage going to the battery, you can do this by using an inexspensive volt meter you should be getting approx 12/15 volts, if you have voltage going to the battery clean the battery posts and the cables, if this doesnt work you need a new battery. If you don't have voltage getting to the battery you must check the wiring back to the alternator/generator, sometimes the supply a on/off, switch if none of this gives you help then clean the connection at the generator, you can clean all connection using a mild grit sandpaper. hope this helps

I own a evc. There are two fuses that are connected to the coach battery. I would highly recommend checking both. There is one located at the coach barrery within a few inches of the positive terminal 30 amp. This one is probably ok as the battery is charging when plugged in. There is a another behind the fuse panel cover below the steering wheel. The fuse is an after market holder installed by winnebago (not part of the oem fuse panel. It should be right against the kick panel. Again this is a 30 amp fuse. My expereince this fuse blows if the fridgerator is set to 12v and the coach battery is low. When the car is started and the battery relay allows the alternator to start charging the coach battery too much current is drawn and the fuse blows.

I had a similar problem. My battery isolator was bad. it's located under the hood, above the battery. it has three wire connections. on the left is from the car battery, in the middle is from the alternator and on the right is to the coach battery. to test, disconnect the coach battery wire and test that terminal with a meter to ground. with the motor off, you should get nothing, with the motor running you should get 12V, same with the alternator wire terminal, the car battery terminal should be 12V either way. this is not a difficult or expensive fix.


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