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Does anyone have experiences with placental abruption?


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hi. im about to tell u my story. tomorrow is my daughters 6th birthday,heart breakingly as she was stillborn due to placenta abruption.This also happened with my first pregnancy,thankfully i have a twelve yr old daughter as she survived. after my first abruption i should have been given advice on falling pregnant again,alas this was not given.i have found some facts from the net that have helped tell me why this happened to me. 1 smoking 2.this happens to female babies more than males in the womb. 3.stress. 4.not enough rest. 5.diabetes. i hope your pregnancy goes well and wish you all the joy in the world with this baby. i also have a wee boy and that pregnancy went fine.

I am now six months pregnant and doing fine; however, at 1 month I had what they said was placental abruption. I just started bleeding one day for no reason. I was put on 7 days of bed rest, went back for another ultrasound, and they could find nothing wrong at all. It was a miracle of God, no doubt, due to fervent prayer from many friends and family. I do not smoke or have any other risk factors. I have a 4 year old son and experienced no problems with him at all. Hopefully all will continue to go well.


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Placental abruption is a medical condition in which the placenta detaches from the uterus.

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Diagnosis of placental abruption relies heavily on the patient's report of her symptoms and a physical examination performed by a health care provider.

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Birth Day - 2000 Placental Abruption was released on: USA: 6 July 2001

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