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After being sent to the pacific theatre, the unit found itself engaged in combat in the Philippines where it served honorably and won the Philippine Presidential Unit Citation. It was on the Philippines where the 163d Field Artillery helped the 38th Infantry Division earn its nicknames, the" Avengers of Battaan" and the Cyclone Division. It was at this time the former elements were reorganized and redesignated as the 163d Field Artillery, a parent regiment under the Combat Arms Regimental System, to consist of the 1st Battalion, and element of the 38th Infantry Division.

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Q: Does anyone have information on the 163 rd Anti-Aircraft Artillery Battalion serving in the Pacific?
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Who has info on the 211th AAA AW Bn at Leyte 1944?

I do know that my Uncle Harry C. Funk was in that unit at Leyte and all his miliary records were lost in a fire in St. Louis in 1973. I have some pictures that were taken there and some stories that were passed along by him. He was a corporal on a Quad 50 and was highly decorated....silver star, two bronze stars, two purple hearts.James W. PetersonCharlotte, NC211th AAA AW BattalionAt the beginning of World War II, antiaircraft artillery was, at best, the poor stepchild of the Coast Artillery Corps. A typical unit was a three battalion regiment that would include a gun battalion, an automatic weapons battalion and a searchlight battalion. Vast expansion began in 1940-1941 and Antiaircraft Artillery finally achieved an identity separate from the Coast Artillery in 1943.The 211th AAA AW Battalion originated as a Connecticut National Guard that was called to Federal service in 1940. It was originally formed as the second battalion of the 208th CA (AA) Regiment and was in training at Camp Edwards, Massachusetts on December 7, 1941. On February 18, 1942, this unit left San Francisco on the USS Matsonia for service in the Asiatic Pacific Theater. Arriving in Australia on March 9, 1942, they moved into base at Townsville on March 18th. This battalion was originally equipped with .50 caliber machine guns, but later AAA AW Battalions were typically organized into four firing batteries and each battery was equipped with eight 40mm Bofors guns and eight quad mount .50 caliber machine guns.On May 16, 1943, the 2nd Battalion 208th CA (AA) was reorganized and redesignated 211th CA Bn (AA). Redesignated 211th AAA AW Battalion on June 15, 1944. Source: History of Headquarters 14th Antiaircraft CommandThe 211th AAA AW Battalion was recognized as the top scoring AAA unit during the Philippine campaign. Defending Tacloban Airstrip during the Leyte Campaign, they were officially credited with 40.75 planes destroyed and 26 probably destroyed.My uncle, Milas Ray Benfield from Stony Point, NC enlisted in the US Army on August 14, 1941 and was training with the 208th CA (AA) in Massachusetts on December 7, 1941. He shipped out with this unit in February 1942 and returned from the Asiatic Pacific Theater on April 23, 1945. He received the Asiatic Pacific Theater Campaign Medal with 5 bronze service stars for Papua, New Guinea, East Indies, Southern Philippines and the Luzon Campaign. Other awards include the Distinguished Unit Badge and the Purple Heart. He was discharged from the 211th AAA AW Battalion, Battery D on July 23, 1945.I have some additional information that I would be willing to share and would be interested in obtaining additional information and pictures relative to this units World War II service.David L. BenfieldTodd, North Carolina

What division was the fourth field artillery service battery attached to in the western pacific World War 2?

Answer The unit name of "4th Field Artillery Service Battery" does not appear in the list of units of my reference book. There was a unit named 4th Ordnance Service Center and others like 4th Ordnance Battalion. Reference: Dept of Army Pamphlet 672-1

What is first Battalion 82 Field Artillery?

The 1st Battalion, 82nd Field Artillery was first constituted in the Regular Army as Troop A and B, 24th Cavalry on 3 June 1916. Almost exactly one year later, on 5 June 1917, it was activated as Troop A and B, 24th Cavalry at Fort D. A. Russell, WY.On 1 November 1917, Troops A and B, 24th Cavalry were consolidated and redesignated as Battery A, 82nd Field Artillery and assigned to the 15th Cavalry Division. The unit first saw action in operations across the Rio Grande River. On 9 September 1921, the 82nd Field Artillery was assigned to the newly organized 1st Cavalry Division and became its sole artillery regiment. The Dragons became known as the "Flying Horse Artillery" during service with the 1st Cavalry Division in the Southwest along the border with Mexico. Between that date and WWII, the unit accomplished two other reorganizations and redesignations.The unit deployed to the Pacific Theater in WWII with the 1st Cavalry Division and saw action in New Guinea, the Bismark Archipelago, Leyte and Dazon.Following WWII, the battalion performed occupational duty in Japan and was one of the first units to arrive in Korea in 1950. The unit was credited with seven campaign streamers in the Korean War. On 15 October 1950, it was deactivated and relieved from assignment to the 1st Cavalry Division.On 1 June 1958, the unit was reoutfitted as Headquarters and Headquarters Battery, 1st Missile Battalion, 82nd Field Artillery and was activated on 24 June 1958 in Italy. The battalion was deactivated in Italy on 20 April 1964.On 31 October 1967, the battalion was redesignated as the 1st Battalion, 82nd Field Artillery. It was activated on 10 January 1968 at Fort Lewis, WA, and assigned to the 23rd Infantry Division, the American Division. The unit was later assigned to Vietnam in October 1968.The 1st Battalion, 82nd Field Artillery was reorganized at Fort Bragg, NC on 30 November 1971, by Headquarters, Third US Army and was attached to the XVIII Airborne Corps Artillery. The battalion underwent another reorganization during the summer of 1972 when it converted from a self-propelled to a 155mm, M114A1, towed howitzer battalion.Redesignated once again, on 21 June 1975, as the 1st Battalion, 82nd Field Artillery, the unit became a self-propelled 155mm, M109A1 Howitzer Battalion and was assigned to the 1st Cavalry Division, Fort Hood, TX. As of mid-2001, the unit is a M109A6 (Paladin) Howitzer Battalion.The Soldiers from Battery C of the 1st Battalion, 82nd Field Artillery Regiment are familiar with Paladin Howitzers. Firing them was their main mission, until they arrived at Camp War Eagle in March 2004. Here they found themselves in the midst of a dynamic battlefield. For the 1-82 FA this means less field artillery, and more light infantry. To support the 2nd Battalion, 5th Cavalry Regiment of the 1st Cavalry Division in the dangerous Al Thawra District of Baghdad, the 1-82 FA has begun conducting dismounted foot patrols in a area the Soldiers call "Squaretown." From Squaretown, insurgent forces have launched mortar attacks and the Soldiers are concerned about weapons being transported through the area near the outskirts of Camp War Eagle. The patrols and traffic control points Charlie Rock conducts in the area will deter insurgent activity. The infantry tactics used on foot patrols might make some Soldiers recall their days in basic training. But for the Iraqi National Guard (ING) troops who are with them, it's their first exposure to many infantry tactics. The 'Charlie Rock' Soldiers always bring ING Soldiers with them on dismounted patrols and other combat missions.

Where can you find information on the 671ST tank destroyer battalion?

The 671st Tank Destroyer Battalion served in the Pacific Theatre during World War II and was equipped with M18 tank destroyers. It landed in the Philippines in July 1945 but saw little combat during the final weeks of the war. You can find more information about this unit and others by visiting Google and typing in Tank Destroyer Society, a website that has much information about the Tank Destroyer Force in general and links to other websites that have information about the various tank destroyer battalions.

What role did Battery C of the 304th field artillery battalion of the 77th division play in the South Pacific during world war 2?

See the related links below for a brief history of the 77th ID. The divisions first commander during WWII, Robert Eichelberger, was soon promoted to command the US 8th Army.

How do you find info on the 776th tank destroyer battlion in the pacific theater during world war 2?

The 776th Tank Destroyer Battalion didn't fight in the Pacific theater during World War II. Google 776th Tank destroyer battalion. Here is the link;

Did the 59Th Signal Battalion land on D-Day?

I think they fought in the pacific, battle of new guinea and southern Philippines for sure.

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Artillery and machines guns caused armies to stay in defensive positions

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Pacific Ocean Pacific Ocean Pacific Ocean Pacific Ocean Pacific Ocean Paciific Ocean Pacific Ocean Pacific ocean Pacific Ocean Pacific Ocean Pacific Ocean Pacific Ocean Good Luck With D.G 27 Mr. Kraft Mrs. Cheon and Mrs. Elwells class;-.)

Where can you find information on the 607th Armored Field Artillery Battalion?

There was not a 607th Armored Field Artillery Battalion in World War II. "Armored Field Artillery" was the designation usually given to the artillery organic to an armored division, but none of the 16 US Armored Divisions of the war had a 607th AFA. There were also a few "independent" AFA battalions, equipped with self-propelled 105MM howitzers. There were sixteen of these in Europe when the war ended, and two more in Italy, and three in the Pacific. None was the 607th.There was, however, a 607th Field Artillery Battalion. Every US Infantry Division had three infantry regiments and four artillery battalions as its main combat elements. Three of the artillery battalions were 105MM howitzers, and the fourth was a 155MM howitzer battalion. All this divisional artillery was towed, pulled behind trucks when being transported. The 607th FA Bn was an organic element of the 71st Infantry Division. The 71st ID arrived in the ETO in the spring of 1945 and its members were credited with participation in two campaigns. After its initial introduction to combat with the US 15th Army, containing Germans isolated in French ports which had been submarine bases, the 71st ID spent its first active campaigning time with the US 7th Army (commanded by Alexander "Sandy" Patch), as part of the 6th Army Group (General Jacob Devers). The 6th Army Group was the 7th US Army and the 1st French Army. It was the southernmost of the three Allied army groups in Europe, and had entered France in the "second D-Day" landings, August 15, 1944, on the Riviera. In late March 1945 the Division, as part of the US VI Corps was moved in to the US 3rd Army (George S. Patton, Jr.) in the 12th Army Group (Omar Bradley), the central of the three Allied Army groups. The Division finished the war in the 3rd Army.Copy and paste these links into your browser window for more details: is also a Wikipedia article on the 71st ID.There was a 607th Tank Destroyer Battalion in WWII, which also served in Europe. A tank destroyer was a large gun mounted on a tracked chassis, so it looked something like a tank or a self-propelled artillery piece. I think its more likely you're looking for the 607th FA which was part of the 71st Infantry Division.

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How was the 101st organized?

I can't tell the 101st division was formed, but I can tell you,it was a great outfit,you could see the, 101st shoulder patch,just about every where (EUROPE and next the Pacific) I was NAVY ,but I saw a lot of the 101st,especially the air born division; I felt very proud of them! Flyboy752 GeorgeI cant tell you how they were formed but I can tell you that they were first used, in great numbers, on D-Day. They were sent by the thousands, they got scrambled on the ground and they went with other divisions or squads and they sometimes formed their own squad. I cant answer the question but I do nknow that the 101'st airborne was very prosperous during WW2, and very helpful during D-Day. Im sorry I cant answer it, I would keep asking.See for info.See also www.101airborneww2.comSee the official WWII unit history booklet at for a good summary.The Airborne Division was a light infantry division. Thus it had fewer companies and not as many support units. The typical Infantry Regiment of a DIVISION consisted of 3 battalions that contained 4 companies each, with one being a heavy weapons company. Then in addition, it had a Cannon company and a Anti-Tank Company.The Parachute Infantry Regiment contained 3 battalions of 3 companies each.Here is a order of battle for the 101st Airborne Divsion.502d Parachute Infantry Regiment506th Parachute Infantry Regiment[assigned in 1 Mar 45 reorganization]327th Glider Infantry Regiment401st Glider Infantry Regiment [disbanded in 1 Mar 45 reorganization]SUPPORT units101st Parachute Maintenance Battalion326th Airborne Engineer Battalion326th Airborne Medical Company81st Airborne Antiaircraft Artillery Battalion101st Airborne Division Artillery321st Glider Field Artillery Battalion377th Parachute Field Artillery Battalion463d Parachute Field Artillery Battalion [assigned in 1 Mar 45 reorganization]907th Glider Field Artillery BattalionSpecial Troops801st Ordnance Company426th Quartermaster Company101st Signal CompanyMilitary Police PlatoonHeadquarters CompanyReconnaissance PlatoonBand [assigned in 1 Mar 45 reorganization]Reference Link

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A good military will censor information. And to a certain extent that information was censored.

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