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Does anyone have the move modifier code for sapphire?

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What is the ds ar code move modifier for pearl?

B.a.l.l. s.hould help.

What is the move modifier action replay code for soul silver US version?

58667677967676575656 56445

Pokemon Platinum move modifier?

920f0bfe 00000151 120f0bfc 0000XXXX d2Its the code Dark Void

What number is magma storm for Pokemon modifier move code?

what that makes no sense that's aload of bull

What does the move modifier code for Pokemon do?

it makes any Pokemon learn any move apparently i don't have my action replay but search it on the internet

What is a move modifier for Pokemon White?

first to get the move modifier u must have action replay and then u can get any move in the game

What is the move modifier code for Pokemon heart gold?

Move modifier 94000130 FCFF0000 B2111880 00000000 10000656 000001D3 D2000000 00000000 94000130 FEFF0000 B2111880 00000000 DA000000 00000656 D3000000 00000000 D7000000 021000EC D2000000 00000000

What is a Pokemon Black TM 15 move modifier action replay code?

Sadly, there is no tm 15 modifier, instead there are Tm 44 and 83 modifiers, the tm 44 doesn't work on my game and i am still looking for the tm 83 code.

What is the Pokemon diamond move modifier code that doesn't use heart scales or master balls?

Canalave City and Pastoria City

Move modifier action replay code for Pokemon soulsilver list?

My relative works for ar he can make 1 4 U.

Where is the ultimate move tutor in sapphire?

There is no move tutors AT ALL in Sapphire/ruby.

Is there a code for Pokemon mystery dungeon explorers of the sky that is a partner modifier?

yes, but you'll have to look it up on your own. these are the steps in which you take. First, you'll have to change your partner to th leader. then you use the hero modifier code to change him. after that, simpaly move him back to being the partner.

Why does the move modifier code from action replay for Pokemon Diamond freeze your game?

You may want to check if you inserted it right because it never did that to me.

What is a Pokemon TM modifier for Action Replay?

A TM modifier is a code that will change a certain TM number to a different move that was not a TM. You use it for teaching moves to Pokemon that can't normally use that move. For instance you activate a code for Shadow Force TM#01 it will change TM #01 which is Focus Punch into Shadow Force! It is only of use if the code changes a TM than can be learned by ANY Pokemon.

Pokemon Emerald Is there a Gameshark SP code 12 digits to change move tutor moves like Ruby and Sapphire?


What is the attack modifier for Pokemon diamond?

Better than Move Modifier, get Pokesav!

How do you use the move modifier in Pokemon Pearl?

it is in etarna city

Is there a move modifier for soul silver us?

Not that i know of.. Sorry.

What is the pokemon platinum move modifier?

The Pokemon Platinum Move Modifier is a cheat that is used by Pokemon players. It allows players the ability to add extra moves to varying Pokemon in their database.

What is the action replay code for soul silver move modifier learn any move?

Try this (untested...) 1749585a 89d20000 00000000 00000000 b381c381 d3000000 00000000 L & R to activate, u should know what to do from there...

What is the cheat code for the move modifier for the action replay?

10002990 00000000 09812389 e00abcde abcdefabc def11923 00127834 991ad99 09812348 4095866 abb4d28c 110364d 09184feb 01234550

How do you use the move modifier. The code is in the AR DS system but then how do you make someone learn the move Do you Go to the heart scale person and its the first move but the one that you want?

Actually what you do is turn on the code press L + R and then go to the TM/HM section of your bag and one of the TMs (usually TM01) is that move until you turn off your DS system

Is there a move re learner in Pokemon Sapphire?


Can you move Items from Sapphire to Heartgold?

You can, but only hold items( Quick Claw )when you migrate them from Sapphire.

Where do i find the move strength in Sapphire?

The HM04 Strength can be found in Rusturf Tunnel in Pokemon Sapphire.