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Q: Does anyone have vitiligo i have had it since i was five does anyone take vitamains or creams to prevent the depigmitation if so please answer tell me how you live through this?
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Can you get Vitiligo even if a family member has it?

It is not necessary that if one family member has vitiligo then others will develop it too but there are increased chances of developing vitiligo in children if parents have vitiligo. Vitiligo is not a contagious disease and does not spread through contact.

How will you know if vitiligo is contagious?

A disease that can be communicated from one person to another is a contagious disease and vitiligo does not spread through contact. So it is not a contagious disease.

Vitiligo can be spread through sugar and thyroid problems?

Vitiligo has strong association with thyroid disease, but association with sugar is not as sure.

Where can you find Anti Vitiligo herbal Oil in Australia?

Anti Vitiligo Oil is available through their official website, listed below:

Is enema necessary for vitiligo?

Enema is an injection of a liquid through the anus to stimulate evacuation. Enemas are used for treating medical conditions such as constipation, encopresis and as part of some alternative treatments so it is not necessary for vitiligo. You can look for more information on vitiligo at:

What is the Hindi name of the disease vitiligo?

In India the older term for vitiligo was ven kushtam -- which means "white leprosy". The skin changes seen in vitiligo can bear a likeness to the skin changes seen in leprosy.The social stigma that is so prevalent - especially in India --against people with vitiligo is regrettably understandable since India has also one of the highest incidences of leprosy in the world, which can be visibly confused with vitiligo.The cure for vitiligo itself has been known for 75 years through extensive medical research done by MD's long ago, and that research was then corroborated and expanded upon by subsequent generations of MD's. This knowledge of the actual cause and cure of vitiligo (without any skin treatments whatsoever) is near impossible for the lay person to find now, and has been conveniently forgotten by a profit-oriented medical system.This information can, however, be found in an easy-to-read book written by an MD and called "Vitiligo: Your Doctor Will Never Cure You, You've GOT to do it YOURSELF." That inexpensive and eye-opening book is exclusively available through

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What does vitiligo cause?

What Causes Vitiligo. What causes vitiligo has been known to medical research for about 75 years, and doctors of that time knew how to cure vitiligo without skin treatments of any kind by simple and effective means available to them. That real medical research on vitiligo was corroborated and expanded upon by four subsequent generations of MD's, and the cause and cure of vitiligo has consequently become crystal clear and medically obvious. That information, which allows a person to cure himself, is not known to the lay public, and is seemingly not known to current medical practitioners who have minimal knowledge of their own profession. The real and curative medical research on vitiligo done over the last 100 years has been extracted and distilled by an M.D. into a revealing and eye-opening book "Vitiligo: Your Doctor Will Never Cure You, You've GOT to do it yourself" which is exclusively available through. No PUVA, no oils, no excimer lasers, no immune suppressors, no skin grafts, and no mysterious herbal remedies. What Causes Vitiligo is known, and can be cured through simple, straightforward means available to anyone who wants to cure himself without skin treatments of any kind.

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