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Does anyone know how to change a driver's side headlight assembly on a 2002 Oldsmobile Alero Thanks?

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pop the hood then take out all the screws that look like they hold in then slide the entire assembly to the right it should come right out.

dont remove any screws those are up and down / sideways adjustments,,, there are tabs on top of each end of light pull them up light will pop out ,, its hard to get out you will have to work it out,, but it goes in easy

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Best answer I've found, in my search for the same answer is that you have to remove the headlight assembly to get access to the bulb (thanks Toyota, for making this easy! I didn't expect it to be harder to do this simple task on a Toyota than of my Dodge Caravan for God's sake!) You have to remove the headlight assembly mounting screws and remove the headlight assembly. Remove the power cable by squeezing the lock clip to release the cable, then release the bulb from the headlight assembly. Reverse process for the new bulb. I've only read how to do this - not done it on my own yet, so I expect to learn (and be frustrated) in my own replacement efforts later today. Hope this helps.

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Where are both the headlight aiming screws on 2002 impala?

I did some searching on the internet for the same thing ,headlight aiming on my 2003 Impala. I found out there are no horizontal aiming screws (thanks GM) and the vertical ones are the screws on the top of the headlamp assembly. Just pop your hood and you should see those vertical screws no problem.

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How do you replace the drivers side front turn signal bulb located on a 2001 VW Jetta - the answers posted are for the passengers side. The battery is in the way and allows little room for movement.?

I am trying to do the same thing on my 2000 jetta, did you ever get a answer? I am thinking the headlight assembly has to be removed, and even that is not a simple thing I managed to get to the passenger side's front turn signal bulb. To get to it, you have to pop off the vertical rectangle black plastic cover besides the headlight cover. To do this, press down the grey tab on the top of the plastic cover, while prying the plastic cover out on the top. Once the plastic cover is popped, wiggle it to get it completely off. Now you can reach the turn signal bulb assembly. Wiggle off the wires from the bulb assembly, then rotate the bulb assembly counter clock-wise (looking at it from the back) to pull it out. Now you just need to pull the metal tab out slightly while pulling the bulb out of its plastic assembly. The answer above is complete and easy to do at home. I wish I would have read it BEFORE I started the replacement. Thanks for the help!

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How do you replace the headlight bulb located on a 2003 Dodge Dakota?

From the rear of the headlight assembly. ---------------------------------------------- Now the longer but better way to replace it. Remove the single torx screw holding the parking lamp assembly to the headlamp assembly. Remove the parking lamp bulb and sockets from the main assembly and set aside. Remove the three bolts holding the headlamp assembly. Pull the headlamp assembly forward off of the alignment pin and disconnect the harness from the back of the bulbs. Turn the bulb holder and pull the bulb out. Replace in reverse. Total replacement should take 15 minutes. Gregg > Thanks for the tips Gregg! Indeed, don't work anywhere but in front of the grill. Notes from my adventure: You'll need a t-10 torx skinny screwdriver, and a 10mm socket wrench/driver. Find the little torx screw near the bottom side of the headlight nearest the wheel and remove it. Tug and wiggle on the turn signal unit and it'll come loose. You'll find three 10mm bolts that hold the headlight unit in. More tug and wiggle and the unit falls free. After bulb replacement (don't touch the glass or finger oils can cause it break under high heat) replace the headlight unit. You'll see little plastic guides that the signal unit slides into- replace the unit and the tiny screw that holds it all in place. Replace the other bulb too, the second one takes a tenth of the time :)

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I just figured this out after much frustration. There are two vertical white plastic strips behind the main headlight fixture. You have to pull upwards firmly on these--they lock the headlight in place. Once you slide them up you can pull the entire headlight out through the front (carefully, as it's still wired in) and access the turn signal lamp. Pull off the round rubber cover, pull out the socket, and replace the lamp. Then all you have to do is push the socket back into the main housing, put the headlight back in place and slide the plastic tabs back to lock it in. The car I worked on had a short bolt close to the fender and a long bolt next to the radiator at the back of the headlight assembly. But this is thee way to do it. Thanks alotttt for the info!!!!!

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OK... did it myself. Thanks wiki.. not! lol I took my main fuse box out, traced the wires to my headlamp, and found a spot of bare wire. I meticulously wrapped the wire in electrical tape and.... no more blown fuses and headlight function.

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There are 3 wing nuts holding head light bracket, remove these and unplug wire, lift out bracket, then remove headlight from bracket.

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