Does anyone know if you put 305 heads on a stock Chevy 350 what would be the outcome More hp or torque?


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Depends on the heads. I have a set of 305 heads on a 355 and it runs hard. the heads have been machined for 2.02 and 1.60 valves. A stock set works to but look for mid 80's with a small cc. The main point being the smaller ports(intake,exhaust) will give you a boost in torque, but it will also raise your compression ratio. Don't forget to factor that in if you are,or decide to run power adders, or simply something that would cause an increase in your engine timing, because you run the risk of detonation.


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does anyone know the torque for cast iron exhasut on aulm heads ..small Chevy

No such thing as a DE-TORQUE pattern.Just remove the bolts from the heads from front to back.

Start in the middle and go in a circle

You can find them here->

all small Chevy heads are 65 ft lbsin a circular motion from the center out

i retorqued my Chevrolet heads to 90 ft. lbs. but i also found if you use the specific torque pattern the gaskets will seat better....i don't torque my intake boltsAnswer65 lb.ft.

call your Chevy parts man at the dealer and he will be able to look it up for you.

what is the torque pattern for ford 302 heads?

Head bolts are 65 lb/ft. Look at the link, "Small Block Chevy" at the right for all torque specs.

for a Chevy 350 enginge its 25 to 30 ft lbs. cast iron heads.

I believe the torque is figured on the bolt size, not the material. you are using steel bolts ,therefore the torque for an intake bolt on a sm. block is 20 ft. lbs.

Yes, they should bolt on just fine. Might get a little more low-speed torque with a decrease in top-end horsepower.

60-70 ft/lbs with sealant applied. When torqueing the heads, it is helpful to start at around 25 ft. lbs. and torque all the bolts, then go to 50 ft. lbs., and finally, your specified torque. Doing this in incriments will help give a nice even torque to the heads.

70 ft ponds and start in middle and go in circlevisit

With cast iron heads it is 30 lb/ft. Tighten in a criss cross pattern.

Torque for the dome???????WHAT the heck is a dome???????????????

Torque sequence of what. Heads, wheels, etc.

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An outcome is what actually happens, while the probability of that outcome is how likely that particular thing is to happen. Say I was flipping a coin. The probability of the outcome of heads is 1/2 because there are 2 possible outcomes and heads is only 1 of them. Then when I flip the coin, it lands on tails. The outcome is tails.

depends on what your wanting to torque down. Heads? Valve cover?

Torque for the dome???????????????????????? What the heck is a dome?????????

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