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A cake that associated with in a number of countries

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In observing rock layers Iam usually found on the bottom What are you?

in rock layers what is found at the bottom

What are the 6 layers of soil from top to bottom?

The layers of soil from the bottom, or the deepest, layer to top are

How do you tell the age of rock layers?

the bottom layers are old rock or layers and the top layers are new rock or layers

Sedimentary rocks form distinctive layers at the bottom of a lake?

Rock strata can be formed in layers at the bottom of lakes.

How are rock layers arranged in the geologic column?

The oldest rocks (layers) are at the bottom. The youngestrocks (layers) are at the top

In rock layers what is usually found at the bottom?

Normally, the oldest rocks are found at the bottom of the layers, being the first of the sediments that were deposited.

Layers and layers of sand are deposited on the sea bottom to form what rock?


Where are the oldest layers of sediments located?

The oldest layers of undisturbed sediment are at the bottom.

What happens to the very bottom layers of sedimentary rocks over time?

The layers get burried

I have hair as long as mitchell musso I just dont know how to style my hair like he does does anyone know how to?

make layers in it. and go to a hair salon. make it short layers on the top and make it reallyy long on the bottom then everyday you can back comb the short layers then it will look good

What are the layers of the ocean from top to bottom?

why does the ocean is warmer than the bottom of the ocean

What is the law of superpostition?

All this means is that if you see a diagram of rock layers, the oldest layers are on the bottom and the newer layers are on top.

Are the old layers of canyons on the bottom?


Hair cut with the long bottom layer really thin and then the rest of the layers short?

Layers. I'd call it layers or a mullet.

What are rainforest layers?

The rainforest layers are (TOP----BOTTOM) The Emergent, The Canopy, The Understory and The Forest Floor

What are the two layers of the earth?

there is more than two layers but the top is the crust and the bottom is the core

Process in which rainwater carries dissolved substances from the uppermost layers of soil to the bottom layers?


What is the principle of superposition-?

The layers of sediment on the bottom are the oldest

What is the principle of superposition?

Layers at the bottom are the oldest.

When studying a stack of rock layers the layers are usually toward the bottom and the layers are usually toward the top?

Older ; Younger . 1 (; N.R.C.J

An arrangement of rock layers in which the oldest rocks are at the bottom?

A geologic column is an arrangement of rock layers in which the oldest rocks are at the bottom. The upper part of the column is rich in fossils.

What is at the bottom of a blast furnace?

layers of molten iron & slag

What types of animals were included in the layers in the bottom of the sea?


In stratified layers of layers of sedimentary what is it called when sediment settles on the bottom and the large grains settle on top?

Reverse Grading.

How do you group layers on adobe flash?

Create folder (click create folder at bottom of timeline) and drag layers into that folder.