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Does anyone like the name Bree?



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ummm my names bree so yea i like nick names for Bree can be breebree basically anything

u probably know there are different ways to spell it soooooooo ya

I am Bree, so yeah! I love the name. I am really Breanna but prefer to be called Bree. But nicknames for Bree like Bree Bear are just NOT cool!

Lol. I'm not a Bree, but I really like the name. So, yeah.

Hee hee. I just did this. I did the second one. :P. Bree's are awesome. We totally rock the whole world. All you other names totally suck. Bree_Is_Awesome xx

Well,my birth name is Bree. Not Bree's are great i think all the names suck they are awesome if I could pick a name i would change my name it would be Tamia.

Also people call me breezee and breanna I wondered how they got zee from the letter so I said ya i like the breezee and i am 13 and people still call me breezee.