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yes i got it at age 13 and now at 34 I take 20 mg of acutane and use many ointments i have also found that swimming whether in a pool or the ocean works wonders

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What can dariers disease do to you?

It can cause leisions and rashes but In most patients general health remains good regardless of the severity of the disease.

Who can get kidney disease?

anyone can

Who can get lung disease?


Identify why anyone can become affected by an infectious disease?

Anyone can get an infectious disease. This means that it is contagious. Like the flu or a cold.

How do rats get the disease?

Your question must tell the NAME of the disease for anyone to answer it.

Was hepatitis a gay disease?

No. In fact there is no such thing as a gay disease. Disease doesn't discriminate; it can affect anyone.

Can a 13 year boy get crohn's disease?

Yes, anyone can get Crohn's Disease.

Is Huntington's disease found in women of Jewish decent?

ANYONE can get Huntington's disease.

Is celiac disease determond by your sex?

No. Anyone can get it.

Who does celiac disease effect?

It can effect anyone....

Who is most likely to get Huntington disease?


Who can spread an infectious disease?

Anyone who is infected......

What are the disabilities that can occur if a person contracts the disease?

Your question must contain the NAME of the disease for anyone to answer it.

When a new disease outbreak is reported what steps might be taken to prevent the spread of a new disease?

Anyone who may be infected would be on quarantine to prevent anyone from catching that disease. Anyone who was in contact of a sick person will be on isolation, even if he/she hasn't caught the disease in case she/he maybe carrying the disease. Try to stay away from sick people and stay away from people who was in contact with that person.

Has anyone survived heart disease?

No. Well not that I know of

Who does the celiac disease affect the most?

It can effect anyone...

Is lice a childhood disease?

No, lice are parasites and anyone can get them.

Is schizophrenia a noninfectious disease?

Yes, schizophrenia is a noninfectious disease, meaning that it cannot be spread to anyone else.

International infectious disease doctors in Chicago?

Does anyone know a International Infectious disease doctor in Chicago?

Which people are at risk for Lyme Disease?

Anyone can be at risk of Lymes Disease if they come in contact with an infected tick.

Is Parkinson's disease non-infectious?

Yes, it is not an infection. You cannot catch Parkinson's disease from anyone.

Have anyone ever died from sickle cell disease?


Can teens get herpes?

Anyone can get herpes. Viral transmission of a disease is not age dependent. Anyone who has intimate contact with someone with herpes can get the disease. Safe sex practices can reduce the risk but can not eliminate it entirely.

What was the most dreaded disease in early Louisiana?

The most dreaded disease in early Louisiana was leprosy. If anyone was found with this type of disease, they were segregated from the others so as to prevent spreading of the disease.

Has anyone done research on menkes disease?

my son has the disease, if you would like to know more about it email me at