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Yes, I do remember the Mod Shop. I grew up on the corner of Michigan Avenue and 118th Street above Hufnagel's Bakery and attended Scanlan Elementary. My recollection is that the Mod Shop was on the west side of Michigan Avenue between The Home Store on 116th Street and the busier shopping district 5-6 blocks north of there (which was also the location of a huge Gately's store. I have a distinct image of the storefront and logo as I used to walk past it often on my way to and from Ray's penny candy store (also on south Michigan Avenue). I sort of remember the Mod Shop being there prior to 1972 (although it may have been preceded by a "record store" that catered to the same clientele.) I was only 10-12 years old at the time. !

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Q: Does anyone remember the 'Mod Shop' in Roseland 1972ish?
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