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I dont know. The kids or the parents? The kids not so much. The parents maybe the mom.

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Who gave Bella the necklace that was part of the crown jewels as a wedding gift

What was the name of Bellas dad

Did Bella kill a Volturi

Bella first heard about the huge animals in the woods while she was

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Q: Does anyone think the Gosselin's will be good to play in The Twilight Saga?
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Where is The Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn banned?

why would anyone ban twilight

Can the gosselins read The Twilight Saga or watch one of the movies if someoneolder or trusted enough there with them to read or watch The Twilight Saga's?

If by the gosselins you mean even the children then i think it's up to the parents. And also, i don't think the books or the movies are appropriate for the children. Remember, they are in kindergarten? ESPEICALLY breaking dawn, would NOT be appropriate for them. But maybe, since Kate is not in her best stage, she may over look these facts and let them read or watch the movie.

In Jon and Kate Plus 8 are the 8 gosselins allowed to watch twilight or read the books or saga?

I don't know but there really young!

Which movie is after twilight?

The Twilight Saga: New Moon, The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn

What power does Demetri have from Twilight saga?

he can find anyone, he's the ultimate tracker.

Is The Twilight Saga appropriate for a 12 year old?

I don't think the Twilight saga is appropriate for anyone, because pretty soon they'll all just become Edward-worshippers who think that real vampire's skin sparkles. Real vampire are better than that Fairy Cullen!

What town did they shoot Twilight Saga Eclipse?

I think Boston

Who is the script writer of twilight saga?

I think Stephenie Meyer.

What are the twilight movie titles?

1. the twilight saga 2. the twilight saga new moon 3. the twilight saga eclipse 4. the twilight saga breaking dawn part 1 5. the twilight saga breaking dawn part 2

Is the Twilight Saga gay?

No, the Twilight Saga is not gey.

Did anyone ask Stephenie Meyers when is Rosalie hales birthday from the saga of twilight?


What movie comes first in The Twilight Saga?

Twilight is the first movie in the Twilight saga.

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