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No, arsenic is a metalloid.

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No. It is a metalloid. It has some properties of metals and some of non-metals.Arsenic is a metalloid.

Arsenic has physical properties as it is a crystalline or metal-looking solid.

Arsenic is a metalloid. It belongs to group 15 and has properties of both metals and non metals.

Arsenic pentaiodide (AsI5) doesn't contain any metal; arsenic is a metalloid and iodine a nonmetal.

Arsenic (symbol As) is a metalloid. It exhibits properties of both metals and non metals.

Lead is a poor metal and (or) a metalloid: it has some amphoteric properties as well, like bismuth or arsenic. It has some fine metallic properties though.

Arsenic is a metalloid. Some of its properties are: oxidation to arsenic trioxide, arsenic acid with concentrated nitric acid, subliming on heating.

metalloid: Of or being a nonmetallic element that has some of the properties of metal eg "arsenic is a metalloid element"

Arsenic shares properties with Phosphorus and Antimony.

Antimony and arsenicÊbelong to the category of metalloid. A metalloid is an element whose properties are between that of a metal and a non-metal solid.

1. Arsenic is not a metal, but a metalloid. 2. Arsenic is not found in a normal human body.

No. Arsenic is a poisonous heavy metal.

Potassium is metal, arsenic is metalloid, carbon is non metal

arsenic is a non-metal because it is a poor and bad conductor of heat and electricity

Arsenic is technically not a metal. It is considered a metalloid. Some variants of arsenic can be more metal-like than others.

It is a metalloid. It is in the p block.

Metal resembling arsenic.

It is a semi-metal. (: Your welcome

Is asernic a non metal

Arsenic is a semi-metal. The other two are a metal and a nonmetal respectively.

There are 7 metalloids on periodic table.It includes Boron,Silicon,Germanium,Arsenic,Antimony,Tellurium and Polonium.They have properties in between metal and non metal.

The two elements that have the most similar chemical properties to arsenic are Phosphorus (P) and Antimony (Sb).

arsenic is semi-metallic and it usually white but can turn from gray to black

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