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Arsenic pentaiodide (AsI5) doesn't contain any metal; arsenic is a metalloid and iodine a nonmetal.

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Q: Does arsenic pentaiodide have a metal?
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What is the name for AsI5 compound?

arsenic pentaiodide

Is arsenic a metal non-metal or semi-metal?

arsenic is a semi-metal

Is arsenic a metal nonmetal or a metalloid?

Arsenic is a metalloid.

Is arsenic metal?


Is arsenic a metal found in the body?

1. Arsenic is not a metal, but a metalloid. 2. Arsenic is not found in a normal human body.

Is there arsenic in rice?

No. Arsenic is a poisonous heavy metal.

Does arsenic have any properties of a metal?

No, arsenic is a metalloid.

Which is the metal among the following patasium arsenic carbon?

Potassium is metal, arsenic is metalloid, carbon is non metal

Is arsenic metal or non metal?

arsenic is a non-metal because it is a poor and bad conductor of heat and electricity

Is arsenic a nonmetal?

Arsenic is technically not a metal. It is considered a metalloid. Some variants of arsenic can be more metal-like than others.

Is arsenic a metal or non metal?


Is As a metal non metal or a metalloid?

It is a metalloid. It is in the p block.

What metal has the symbol AS?


Is Bismuth a metal or non-metal?

Metal resembling arsenic.

Which element is a semi-metal gold titanium xenon or arsenic?

Arsenic is a semi-metal. The other two are a metal and a nonmetal respectively.

Is arsenic a metal non metal or metalloid?


Is arsenic a semi-metal?

It is a semi-metal. (: Your welcome

Is the element arsenic metal nonmetal or metaloid?


Is arsenic non-metal?

Is asernic a non metal

Is arsenic made of metal?


What is the atomic number of arsenic As?

Arsenic is a non metal element. Atomic number of it is 33.

What is arsenic's mass number?

Arsenic is a non metal element. Atomic mass of it is 75.

What is mass number of arsenic?

Arsenic is a non metal element. Atomic mass of it is 75.

What is N2I5?

dinitrogen pentaiodide

Is arsenic a metalloid nonmetalor a metal?

It is a metalloid