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Arsenic pentaiodide (AsI5) doesn't contain any metal; arsenic is a metalloid and iodine a nonmetal.

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1. Arsenic is not a metal, but a metalloid. 2. Arsenic is not found in a normal human body.

No. Arsenic is a poisonous heavy metal.

Potassium is metal, arsenic is metalloid, carbon is non metal

arsenic is a non-metal because it is a poor and bad conductor of heat and electricity

Arsenic is technically not a metal. It is considered a metalloid. Some variants of arsenic can be more metal-like than others.

It is a metalloid. It is in the p block.

Metal resembling arsenic.

It is a semi-metal. (: Your welcome

Is asernic a non metal

Arsenic is a semi-metal. The other two are a metal and a nonmetal respectively.

Arsenic is a non metal element. Atomic mass of it is 75.

Arsenic is a non metal element. Atomic number of it is 33.

Arsenic is a metalloid. It belongs to group 15 and has properties of both metals and non metals.

dinitrogen pentaiodide

No. It is a metalloid. It has some properties of metals and some of non-metals.Arsenic is a metalloid.

Arsenic is a non metal element. Atomic number of it is 33.

Arsenic has physical properties as it is a crystalline or metal-looking solid.

Arsenic is usually classified as a metalloid. The chemistry of arsenic is predominately nonmetallic but it shows less anionic behavior than ordinary nonmetals. Liquid arsenic is a semiconductor. It can form many metal alloys but most of them are brittle.

No, arsenic is a metalloid, which means it has characteristics of both metals and non-metals.

You can have metal chelation to withdraw the arsenic from the body. You need to be careful when doing this as arsenic can harm various organs as it leaves the body.

A very dangerous element

Arsenic (symbol As) is a metalloid. It exhibits properties of both metals and non metals.