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Q: Does atsc tuner receive new digital tv channels?
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How do you find out if your Sanyo television has a built-in ATSC tuner?

Hi, If you can go to your user's menu on the TV and do a search for digital channels (as compared to analog channels) then you have an ATSC tuner. Cubby

Can a digital TV receive analog signals?

Yes if it has a NTSC Analog tuner and No a ATSC Digital Tuner will not receive NTSC Analog and vice versa.

How do you find out if your Apex television has a built-in ATSC tuner?

If it can tune in digital TV signals, then it has an ATSC tuner. If not, nope.

How do you know a tv is digital?

If it has a built-n digital (ATSC) tuner.

What is an ATSC tuner used for?

ATSC stands for Advanced Television System Committee. It allows for the reception of digital television in digital televisions. It is also called an ATSC receiver.

Will a cable compatible tv receive digital broadcasts?

Only if the TV has a digital (ATSC) tuner. If it has an analog (NTSC) tuner only, it will not work with over-the-air digital broadcasts. In that case you'll need some sort of converter.

Does the Samsung 940mw have a digital tuner?

Unfortunately not, although this unit will process digital signals and HD signals from the computer the TV Tuner portion is NTSC-M, PAL-M/N, PAL-SECAM and in order to process digital TV signals in the USA the tuner must receive ATSC (digital) signals

Does the sony grand wega KDF-E42A10 have a digital tuner?

Yes, analog (NTSC) and HDTV digital (ATSC) tuners.

What is a built-in ntsc atsc qam digital tuner?

An NTSC/ATSC/QAM digital tuner, in the case of a TV, means that the TV supports the NTSC, ATSC, and QAM broadcast standards with its included tuner. NTSC is the old analog over-the-air (OTA) standard, ATSC is the newer digital over-the-air supporting High Definition video and Dolby Digital AC3 audio, and QAM means that the TV can decode digital cable signals without a set-top box. My internet research indicates that QAM will receive unencrypted broadcasts only. While encrypted channels varies by geography, it seems that most cable stations are encrypted while major networks are not. So, best I've determined, is that if you want more than just the major networks in high def you still need the set-top box or Cablecard.

What do you need to do to be able to use your old television and aerial antenna after spring 2009?

If your old tv has no built in ATSC Digital Tuner , then you need a digital to analog converter box. This box receives the ATSC Digital Signal and converts it to NTSC Analog , for Tv's that only have a NTSC Analog tuner.

What is Integrated ATSC tv tuner?

Hi, An ATSC tuner works by generating audio and video signals that are picked up from over the air TV broadcasts. ATSC tuners provide the following functions: demodulation, transport stream demultiplexing, decompression, error correction, analog to digital conversion, AV synchronization and media reformatting to fit the specific type of TV screen optimally. If it's integrated, that would mean that it's integrated into the system. If you have a digital tuner, it's probably safe to say that you have an ATSC tuner. Hope that helps, Cubby

Time Warner Cable has a 9 dollars and 99 cent deal how many channels are provided I live in the El Paso area?

It will only be your local channels, nothing else. If this "basic" package stayed at $9.99 for the next couple of years, I'd recommend it. Knowing Time Warner they'll jack the price up after a year to $20-25. All of these channels you can get for free with an antenna and a TV with an ATSC tuner or a digital converter box on your TV without an ATSC tuner.

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