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REPLY TO QUESTION: Does attempting to start a Daewoo Lanos 1.6L with a broken timing belt damage valves?"

It depends on how badly damaged the belt is. if all the teeth are still attached to the belt and you havent sheard them off already then it could damgae the valves due to the fact the timing belt may still turn from the crank and turn the camshaft. that would be the case if the belt has strecthed and jumped a tooth on the gears. then dont attempt to start. Now if all the teeth are sheard off the belt down by the crank then the belt has no way of turning so in that case the crank will turn from the starter but it will not turn the camshaft if that is the case then it wont damage the valves.

Dear Daewoo owner,

As an experinced ASE cerified automotive techinican this is my opinion on the situation. ALL BROKEN TIMING BELTS ON DAEWOOS WILL CAUSE CYLINDER HEAD DAMAGE. If your crankshaft is turning, that means the pistons are going up and down in the cylinder bore, you will have atleast 3 or 4 valves all the way open the piston will hit the fully open valves and bend them if not completely break them off. I have put atleast 20 to 30 cyl. heads on Daewoos due to broken timing belts.

every daewoo that breaks a t-belt will bend valves

Yes and we found out the hard way....


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Q: Does attempting to start a Daewoo Lanos 1.6L with a broken timing belt damage valves?
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