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Does auto insurance cover items stolen from your vehicle?


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Many auto insurance policies will cover stolen items from your vehicle but only a very limited amount. For instance, if you have your vehicle broken into and your AM/FM/CD unit is stolen along with your case of 24 CDs, your policy will most likely cover the AM/FM/CD unit and only 1 or 2 of the CDs. Each policy is different. It is best to call the agent who sold you the policy.

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No. Auto insurance will only cover the vehicle and items that came installed standard on the vehicle. You can, however make a claim on your homeowners insurance for other items stolen from your vehicle. Homeowners insurance gives you coverage for items off premises up to 10% of your contents coverage on the policy. This is to cover situations like this, thefts or damage while on vacation, and even dependent children's items while in a dorm room. The biggest problem is that you will have a deductible for damage to the car and another deductible for the items stolen and covered on the homeowners policy.

cover kids computer from highschool?

I think that your insurance covers the items that were yours that were stolen, and the company's covers the car damage.

Yes, if it is personal items not attached to the vehicle that is stolen (such as a laptop). If it attached to the vehicle (stereo, tires) it would go under the auto insurance policy. Also, the items must be owned by the policyholder.

If you have off premise coverage on your policy and the stolen items were scheduled on your homeowners insurance policy then Yes, you should be covered for those items. Contact your insurance agent for clarification of your insurance coverage.

Once the insurance company has paid the claim for stolen items they become the legal owners of the items.

That depends on the policy that you have with your insurance company. When I had my truck broken into, my policy covered the iPod and stereo that were stolen, plus my rental while my truck was in the shop.

No, Your home insurance policy is specific to the named insured(s) property and contents if covered.

Yes, you are correct. Items in your vehicle that are damaged in an accident or fire or whatever are not covered by you auto insurance unless they are part of your vehicle. The alternative is that they are covered on your homeowners insurance. The downfall to this is that you will have a deductible on your homeowners insurance that you will have to meet first.

I recommend you contact your insurance company, and inform them of the recovered goods

It depends on whether you have "off premises" property coverage on your policy and then what household items were stolen.

depending on what coverage yes it can, my cosine got his wallet stolen from his car and it did

In general no, vandalism of an automobile is covered by the vehicles auto insurance policy. However you may have coverage for certain household belongings while outside the premises so check your policy or contact you agent if some of the stolen items were household items.

RAC does cover insurance on items when one has subscribed to their Personal Valuable Insurance. Items that can be covered include digital camera, jewelry, laptops, watches and many others.

Often, hiomeowners coverage will cover the loss of items on one's car.

There is no law that prevents it, but you may want to ask him for a waiver to be sure he understands that your insurance does not apply.

Absolutely not. Any personal items in your car would have to be covered by a homeowner or renter's insurance policy. All deductibles would apply separately.

Up to $500 cover for personal items stolen from your car Rental car use for up to 14 days if your car is stolen and not recovered Legal liability for up to $20 million A range of options including cover for accidental windscreen and glass damage A quick and easy claims process CTP insurance also available

No.Another View: The police may retain any items found in the car pending proof that they actually are your property.REMEMBER: The car was reported stolen... and then it was recovered and impounded. The perpetrators MAY have used the vehicle during a crime spree and stashed their stolen goods in the car. The owner of the stolen vehicle would not be the beneficiary of the stolen goods just because they were in his vehicle. and they may have to present proof that the items found in the car actually belong to them.

Each car rental company offers different types of insurance from LDW (Loss Damage Waiver) which covers the cost of repairs to the vehicle in certain PEC (Personal Effects Coverage) which would cover items stolen from the vehicle. There are so many options depending on the car rental company, you should contact the car rental company directly or check their web site for the different types of insurance offered.

It should. Read your insurance policy, or call your agent.

If impound was caused by your vehicle parked illegally, then the impound lot or the towing company could be held responsible. If it was impounded because it was retrieved as a stolen vehicle, then no one can be held responsible. However, in both cases, the personal belongings in the vehicle can be covered by either your own auto insurance under the Comprehensive portion of your policy or by your own homeowners/renters insurance under the Personal Property portion of your policy. They are subject to your deductible/s.

It'll vary according to state law, amount of damage/value of items stolen, value of vehicle and items inside of it, etc.

The answer is in your particular policy, but if it does not your renters or homeowners policy may cover those items.

It can be covered depending on the type of policy you bought and what of your property was stolen stolen from your vehicle. The property of another person located in a vehicle on or off your property would not be covered under your policy simply because your home insurance covers your property, not the property of other people. You may have coverage under the household contents portion of your policy if the item stolen belonged to you the homeowner and would otherwise have been covered if stolen from inside your home. For example 1, Your Television set is covered under your homeowners insurance policy. While it was in the back seat of your car on your way to your local repair shop, you stopped for a Pepsi and someone stole it from the car, the off premises property portion of your home insurance policy would likely cover it subject to all applicable deductibles. Someone else's TV stolen from your car, no there would be no coverage for it. In example 2 now, someone broke into your car and stole your GPS navigation system, or perhaps your car stereo or your cell phone This would not be a covered loss under your Home insurance policy because these items were never a household furnishing or fixture, This type of loss would have to be covered under your Auto Insurance policy comprehensive portion. if not there are 2 other places you could call. Her vehicle insurance may give some cover for items stolen but she would loose her no claims discount if you claimed. The other option would be to call your own house contents insurance company as they may offer contents cover away from the home. Yes, with specific limitations. Personal property (contents) that is not part of the automobile itself is covered while in the automobile. There are specific perils for which your contents are insured against and special limitations on specific types of contents such as business property.

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