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There's no known connection between lactose intolerance and bad skin.

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Will cat drinking milk cause skin irritation?

It shouldn't, but too much milk can give them stomach upsets and can cause diarrhoea. Most cats are lactose intolerant, so cow's milk should be avoided. Speciality formulated cat milk can be found in most stores, and because they are free of lactose, are perfectly safe for a cat to drink.

My baby can drink milk based formula but when given regular milk she breaks out in hives where it touched the skin what is in liquid milk that is not in powder milk?

You have your infant checked for a condition known as 'Lactose Intolerant; You are describing a symptom of lactose intolerance. Cheeses (or any other standard dairy product) would produce the same results if this is the case. A lot of people are intolerant of lactose, casein and casomorphins found in milk.

What happens if someone who is both lactose intolerant and allergic to milk accidentally intakes a drink which contains milk and cream?

Lactose intolerance leads to bloating, cramps and loose stools. Milk protein allergy has much broader reactions such as skin, respiratory, gastrointestinal [constipation or loose stools, colic, etc] as well as symptoms similar to lactose intolerance. Go to milk allergy on wiki for more details.

Can air soft cause skin cancer?

No- but being out in the sun with unprotected skin can. Get out the sunblock.

Why does your skin smell like metal?

what does lactose fermenter smell like

Disadvantages of being in the sun?

UV rays will penetrate your skin having an effect which is almost like baking it and kills your skin cells, it can cause sun stroke and may also cause skin cancer in later life

What are some consequences from the ozone being destroyed?

Ozone destroyed can cause skin cancer. It can cause eye cataract too.

Can being on your period cause a rash?

Actually yes. The Blood, If on your skin for too long can cause a rash because its not supposed to be there.

What are harmful effects of the sun?

The sun can burn your skin and in some cases cause skin cancer.(from being burned many times)

What can cause pimples in back of neck?

dirty skin, sweaty skin, not washing your neck, being a dirty person, improper hygiene.

Could the atomic bomb cause skin cancer with soldiers exposed to it?

The radiation in the atomic bomb can cause all types of cancers. Skin cancer proboly being the most prevalent.

What are the consequences of the ozone being depleated?

The ozone depletion could cause skin cancer. It could also cause eye cataract.

What Stds cause skin problems?

Herpes will cause skin problems.

What two ways can the sun cause damage to your skin?

it can cause skin to feel leathery and to wrinkle it can also cause for you to develop skin cancer

Can mercury cause skin discoloration?

mercury can cause skin discoloration, but has sometimes been used on purpose in skin bleaching products and cosmetics, but is not used very often anymore due to faces being disfigured by make-up products containing mercury

What are examples of gluten intolerant?

Pale skin (inability to tan) frequent stomachaches in lower abdomen trouble going to the bathroom

What foods cause oily skin?

fast food can cause oily skin cause its so bad for you.

Can dirty blankets cause skin irritations?

no, blankets do not cause skin IRRITATIONS.

Is sunbathing the only cause of skin cancer?

No it is not the only cause of skin cancer, regular exposure to the sun and other reasons can cause skin cancer.

What foods are harmful to rats?

I'll list the ones I know of: orange juice and orange rind (only harmful to males)uncooked beans and legumesgreen potatoes skin and "eyes"uncooked sweet potatoesdried corn can be (fungus can grow on it, also linked to cancer in extreme amounts)apple seeds (contain cyanide)avocado pit and skin, but they love and can have the "meat" of itlactose containing foods should be given in moderation because rats are somewhat lactose intolerantbulk tofublue cheeseartichokesrhubarbraw onionraw red cabbage or brussel sprouts

Why should you wear rubber gloves when washing dishes using detergents?

The chemicals in detergents will affect the skin. Most common complaint being drying of the skin which over time can cause cracking on the skin.

Does pinching the skin cause any damage?

Strongly pinch your skin with your fingernail will cause a small damage to your skin, which is a cut.

Can ear infections cause skin rash?

can ear infections cause skin rah?

Can smoking heroin cause a skin rash?

Can smoking herion cause skin rash

What can cause Skin cancer?

UV waves found in sunlight can cause skin cancer.