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depending on the kind of pill it will matter and sometimes not

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Matter doesn't have to have a mass as long as it takes up space?

Mass is the amount of matter in an object. You cannot have mass-less matter. If you have matter, than it contains some amount of mass.

Why do submarines only have to get fuel every 20 years?

Only nuclear submarines can go that long without refueling. The process of converting matter to energy releases a tremendous amount of energy from just a little bit of matter, so a fairly small amount of fuel lasts many years.

Does the amount of water affect the floatation fo an object?

No, As long as you can see if the object is floating or sinking, then the amount of water does not matter

How many years do you have to study to be a musician?

it doesn't really matter, as long as your talented

How many years are there on harvest moon gba?

There is no certain amount of years. The game will go on for as long as you play it.

How long has the sipsons being running?

20 years

How long is the term of a senator and a representative?

An United States Senator's term is 6 years long with the requirements of 9 years of being in the United States An United States Representative's term is 2 years long with the requirements of 7 years of being in the United States

Does the expansion of the universe mean more universe is being created?

no, acording to the big bang theory when the universe was created there was only a certain amount of energy that turned into matter; long story short it is the same amount of matter but in zero gravity the energy from the big bang is still pushing everything outward. since space itself is not matter the universe is not gettiin bigger but the stuff inside it is moving further apart.

How long did it take to build the Hadrian's Wall?

A butt hole amount of years.

How long should a legal file be kept for after the matter has been settled?

15+ Years

How long does a 2000 mah battery last?

That depends on the amount of power being drained from it.

How long did Colonial shoemaker apprentices have to train?

seven years to give you a close amount.

How long does it take for an ocean to expand?

An estimated amount is about 2-3-5 years.

How long did Harriet Tubman lead slaves?

She lead the slave for about a certain amount of years

How old should a child be when being potty trained?

u no it does not matter as long as it not 5 and up

Defion heart and lung endurance?

Endurance is the ability for an animal to exert itself for a long period of time.In this case: Endurance would be the ability of the heart or lung being used in a long period of time.Lung Endurance: The ability of the lung being used in a long amount of time.Heart Endurance: The ability of the heart being used in a long amount of time.

Does the amount of salt in water effect how long it takes 1 cup of water to boil?

Yes, but only a little.Enough to matter for science done with a stopwatch but not enough to matter for cooking.

Can they fire you with no reason in England After 4 years?

You cannot get fired for no reason no matter how long you have worked.

How long does the average piece of chalk last?

This depends on the amount of use given to the piece of chalk and the amount of pressure put on it when being used.

How long did George Washington die after he was done being president?

After being done with being president he died after 10 years.

Does the brand of weight matter to the training?

If you are just lifting regular weights (like barbells), then the brand of the weight does not matter as long as the amount of weight is the same. If you are using a machine, it could matter because the angle you lift at can be different.

How long has Jorge Lorenzo being going out with his girlfriend?

for 2 years

How long is the term for governor of Massachusetts?

The term for Governor of Massachusetts is four years, however, there is no term limit. Essentially this means you can run for an unlimited amount of time and be governor for an unlimited amount of years.

How long does chapter 7 stay on your record?

On standard credit reports, BKs remain being reported for 10 years from discharge. As a matter of public record or for special record requests they are available for much longer.

How long does it take a rock to form?

It varies with the type of rock being formed. Some igneous rock is formed in a matter of minutes; some sedimentary rock is formed in processes requiring many millions of years.

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