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Not necessarily, while every female body is different, some take 3-6 months before they conceive when they get off the pill while others conceive the very next month. The number of years you have been on the pill may delay your getting pregnant but not significantly. Hope this help.

2015-07-15 18:39:54
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Q: Does being on the pill for a number of years decrease the chances of getting pregnant when you decide to start a family?
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Do you decide to be pregnant or not?

You can decide not to be pregnant by taking measures that will prevent you becoming pregnant. However, all measures carry a risk of failure if you decide to have sexual intercourse.You can not decide to become pregnant - all you can do is try and become pregnant, (by having sexual intercourse without using contraceptives).

Can you be pregnant if milk come from you breast?

of course not. That just means your body is getting ready incase you decide to have a baby.

How long will the 18 year old be in jail for getting a 14 year old pregnant?

That will be up to a judge to decide.

Is it the dad that decides if the baby is a boy or girl?

You cannot decide your baby's gender. But you can do things to help improve your chances in getting a female or a male baby.

If a minor gets pregnant can their parents decide if they keep it or not?

no the pregnant teens parents can not decide if the teen keeps the baby or not.

When to get pregnant after marriage?

That is up to the couple to decide.

Can youre parents do anything if you get pregnant at sixteen?

Not regarding the fetus, that is up to you to decide. Before and after birth. They can however decide what will happen to you and send you to a home for pregnant teens if they choose to.

Why do shareholders need accounting information?

To decide if they are going to increase or decrease their holding.

What if your girlfriend is pregnant since March is that possible?

A woman is usually pregnant for about 9 months, so you decide.

Can getting a tattoo while a few weeks pregnant hurt the baby?

I dont think it will hurt a baby, but before you decide if you want a tattoo maybe you should learn how to spell....

Is it wrong for a 20 year old to want to get pregnant?

Not at all. Considering you can get married at eighteen in most states and a lot of couples decide to have a baby very soon after getting married, it's perfectly natural for a 20 year old to want to get pregnant

If you miss your second last pill before your green pills and you take both of them the next day can you still get pregnant?

"The pill" does not keep you from getting pregnant, it only reduces the probability of getting pregnant. While the probability is GREATLY reduced if you take the pill according to schedule, it is only slightly less effective if you miss one pill occasionally. But it is a higher risk. You have to decide on your level of acceptable risk.

Is it safe to have intercourse without protection after getting the birth control shot and not get pregnant?

No birth control is 100% effective, and there is always the risk of sexually transmitted disease. With that in mind, you have to decide what is 'safe' for you.

What are the rights of parents of a sixteen year old who is pregnant in new york state?

She is still a minor and you decide over her just like before but you do NOT decide over her child. Only she is allowed to decide over her child before and after birth. Being pregnant is not emancipating her.

How old do you have to be in minnesota to get married if your pregnant?

you should marry him first when you are of age then you should decide whether or not to get pregnant. The age laws do not change just because you are pregnant.

Schools should do more for pregnant students?

When students decide to have sex and then they get pregnant, they need to face the consequences of their own decisions.

If you have been on birth control for seven years and decide to get pregnant how long does it take?

No one can make any promises, but once your period is back to its natural unregulated rhythm your chances would be pretty much the same as if you'd never had been on the pill.

How do you have a girl in sims 2?

Its not you who decide that , after your female sim get pregnant , the game will decide the gender of the baby =) ! And sorry if that was not what you meant ! Happy simming !

What if your boyfriend says no to birth control?

Then you would have to decide whether you want to get pregnant or not.

If you get the implant but are already pregnant what happens?

If you get the implant while you are pregnant, you can still decide to continue or terminate the pregnancy. The implant does not harm or end a pregnancy.

What is the legal age to move out of the house if you pregnant?

Same as before. Pregnancy don't change that. Your parents still decide over you and you decide over your baby.

What happens if you are pregnant and have the implant in?

The contraceptive implant will not cause miscarriage or damage a pregnancy. Patients pregnant with the implant can still decide to continue or terminate the pregnancy.

Can pregnancy get you out of foster care?

Getting pregnant will not make you emancipated, only a judge can do that and you have to be able to prove you can provide for yourself and a number of other things. The foster family might decide not to keep you which would put you somewhere else.

What happens if you are pregnant when you get an implant?

If you are pregnant when you get the implant, you may not notice as the implant can make your periods irregular and absent. It's important to take a pregnancy test three weeks after starting the contraceptive implant to make sure you hadn't gotten pregnant in the days before the insertion. If you are pregnant, you can still decide to continue or terminate the pregnancy; the implant doesn't change that decision. If you decide to continue, you'll have the implant removed. If you decide on abortion, the implant will be left in so you have protection immediately after the termination.

What is the legal age to move out of your parents house if i am pregnant?

Same as before. Pregnancy don't change that. Your parents still decide over you and you decide over your baby.