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usually you look taller when your skinny

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Which jeans look best on short people?

If you have stockier legs it's best to go with any long boot cut or flare jean. If your short with skinny legs a tight skinny jean will make you look taller

Does working out make you stay the same height?

no it makes you skinny and taller

Do skinny jeans make everyone look skinnier?

No, skinny jeans can make larger people look larger

Do diagonal lines make you look fat or skinny?

straight lines make you look skinny. horozontal lines make you look fat and diagonal lines make you look lopsided!!

What kind of shoes make you look taller?

A type of shoes that make you look taller are high heels. Any type of a shoe with a taller heel will give the look of increased height.

Can exercise make you taller?

exercising can make you look taller as you get leaner but it won't physically.

What drug makes you look skinny?

drugs dont make you look skinny, they make you skinny because you waste your life with the crap and dont take care of yourself.

Why girls wear tight jeans?

because they make girls look skinny. If girls wore boyfriend jeans, then their legs would look fat. Yet, skinny jeans, are not skinny and wide as boyfriend jeans, which make girls look SKINNY. (Tight jeans are skinny jeans)

How can you make your legs look skinny in skinny jeans?

The magic of skinny jeans, isn't just in the jeans. In order to make your legs look skinny, you have to wear the proper shoes. A pair of converse, vans, toms, Uggs, or flats can be worn to make your legs seem as skinny as you want.

What is the meaning behind wearing dredlocks?

they make you look taller they make you look straight gangsta

How do you make pants look skinny?

you tape them when you are wearing them

Does fruits makes you taller?

Fruits can help you grow, but not necessarily make you taller than you already are. Being taller depends on genetics within your family.

How long does it take to get skinny by doing 100 crunches a day?

Doing crunches does not make you skinny. Eating less calories than you burn and being active (cardio exercise) will make you skinny.

How long do you go without food in order to look skinny?

you should not go without food at all to look skinny, you will still have water weight and that will just make you look bloated.

How do you be skinny like Miley Cyrus?

Miley Cyrus isn't that skinny, she pays people to make you look that skinny, she looks scary that skinny, she is a awful role model and she took pics of her butt

Did Roy Rogers wear elevator boots to make him look taller?


What color shorts make a man look more skinny?


How can you make your thighs look skinny?

Baggy trousers and lots of exercise.

Does this scooter make your butt look fast?

your butt wil look fast on a skinny seat.

How much longer will it take for you to grow taller cause you are 5'2'?

Being 5'2" will not make you grow taller, I'm afraid.

Is being too skinny bad?

yes because you need food to make your body move and if you are too skinny you will die

How tall is Rachel Griffiths?

Not very tall, about 5'6" she uses high heels to make make her look taller however. She is a personal friend. Not very tall, about 5'6" she uses high heels to make make her look taller however. She is a personal friend.

Does short hair make you look taller?

yes, according to most magazines it does.

What colors can you wear to make you look taller?

I don't think colors make you look taller..High heels usually do the trick for women, but if you're a guy I'd try

What are the release dates for Mansome - 2012 Make Yourself Look Taller 2-41?

Mansome - 2012 Make Yourself Look Taller 2-41 was released on: USA: 29 April 2013