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No, Belle OS (a Symbian variant by Nokia) does not support Android apps.

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No. The blackberry Z10 does not run the Android OS and therefore, it does not support android apps.but the black berry priv does

No. You need to run android to run android apps. The Nokia E5 runs the Symbian OS.

Can you use Windows apps on IOS? NO! Same for the Pre. it's WebOS. not Android OS!

Not necessarily. A number of apps can run on earlier versions of Android (ex: Android 2.0--Eclair). It's up to that particular app developer if they want to release an app that supports older Android versions. However, with the number of devices still supporting an older Android OS dwindling, it would be no surprise if a developer may no longer support an older OS.

Yes, but somewhat modified. The basic OS is Android; you call tell because the Amazon App Store's "Kindle Apps" will almost always support other Android devices.

open source allows anyone to create apps for the os. google thought this would help in the creation of apps. it has. android has more free apps than the iphone.

Because your Android OS version may be outdated. And there's no way to update it.

There are many javascript apps written for anroid os. However, not all javascripts will run on android systems. only those specifically made for android systems will run. It will tell which systems it is compatible with on the download information.

Unfortunatly you can't. This is because on the app store, the apps are written only for the IOS (Iphone Operating System) whereas the apps on the android market are written for the Android OS. The Wildfire uses Android.

The Galaxy Tab runs Android OS. You may find apps on Android from Windows Mobile, but while Android runs the Linux Kernel, Windows Mobile is on Windows CE. These bases are way different, so no. Why would you expect Android to be compatible with such and outdated OS as Windows Mobile.

No. The kindle paperwhite does not run the Android OS. Therefore, you cannot download Android apps to the kindle paperwhite.

Well, it depends on what your needs are if you are searching for a tablet mainly for reading. The Nook has proprietary apps that are specific to that device that you might not find in a tablet with Android OS. However, you would have limited app choices, and an older Android OS built in with the Nook.

There is currently no way to run iOS or Mac OS X apps on your Kindle Fire, only Android apps.

There are some developers that have made an emulator of Palm OS to run on an Android phone. StyleTap is one such emulator, which also allows you to run Palm OS apps. It is available for any platform (Android, iOS, Windows).

Most cell phones come with a factory ROM update, so you will lose all apps and files. Some tablets allow a core update and minor OS updates, but they are sparse, and compatibility with apps is not guaranteed. There usually is no compatibility with major OS updates. However, if you paid your app from the google app store, you will be able to redownload and reinstall it once you did the OS update. Edit: This is no longer the case. With newer versions of Android OS, Google will save the apps you have installed, and it will automatically re-install them for you after an OS update. Also, if you have an older version of Android, there are 3rd party apps that can save both the apps you've installed to re-install later, as well as data from those apps.

is nokia n8 support the android os

No. The Lg 840g does not run the Android OS, which is required to install apps from Google Play.

It appears there is no developer support where you can port Android OS to the Samsung GT-S3653W (Corby). The phone's OS is Samsung's own TouchWiz (version 1.0), which does borrow some Android elements, but isn't a full-fledged Android OS.

The Huawei E1756C supports only Mac and Windows OS.

Windows 7 is an OS for computers. But if you mean windows 7 the new phone OS then i would have to say android. There are thousands of apps you can buy (and still hundreds that are free)

The Kindle Fire (along with other Kindles to support Android OS) are the only Kindles capable of playing the game. The original Kindle released by Amazon does not support Android OS, therefor does not support Monopoly.

Not all. Apps in the Store list the OS that they support.

No, apps designed for Apple products will not work on the Android OS. Luckily, many developers create both IoS and Android versions of their apps.

The main differences between Android 2.2 (Froyo) and Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) is improved user interface, support for larger screens, NFC, more efficient, easier to do downloads from different apps. Also, nearly every Android update is named after a sweet, hence the names like Honeycomb (3.x), Ice Cream Sandwich (4.0), and Jellybean (4.1-4.2).

The Nokia 1100 is a feature phone...there is no development support to build a version of Android into this device.

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