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I have no idea but if you squat a lot it breaks it

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What exercises help with blood pressure?

Start small and work your way up. Try 30 minutes a day (break it up if you want) most days of the week of Aerobic exercise like:Household chores, such as mowing the lawn, raking leaves or scrubbing the floorActive sports, such as basketball or tennisClimbing stairsWalkingJoggingBicyclingSwimming

What does break in the action mean?

A break in the action is a pause. A break in the action is a temporary suspension of activity. Activity stops temporarily.

How do you know your hymen has broken?

Well you're hymen generally isn't meant to break until you first have sex; but if you do heavy sports like swimming or horse riding on a regular basis it could cause it to break earlier.

How do sports keep your grades good?

Stress relief;Activity provides a distraction and a break, better enabling the learning process when in study;Sports keep the body fit, which is necessary to keep the brain fueled properly.

How can your cherry be popped?

You can break your hymen by sexual intercourse, horseback riding, accident or injury, bicycling, high jumping, and gymnastics.

Can a glass jar break if dropped from height in a swimming pool?

It depends on how high you dropped the glass jar into the swimming pool. If you drop the glass jar from a few feet above the swimming pool, it will not break. If you drop it from several stories above the swimming pool, the immense pressure on the glass jar that the water is exerting will cause the jar to break.

What are the negative aspects of physical activity?

It can get someone permanently injured. It can knock someones tooth out or make them break a bone but other than that..sports are good for everyone. everyone can use the excercise.

What is so interesting about swimming?

Swimming is very interesting for the fact that it's exciting to break, or watch people break records. Intense races and relays are really fun to watch also!

What has the author Todd Davis written?

Todd Davis has written: 'Ripe' 'Fast break to line break' -- subject(s): Basketball, Poetry, Sports 'Fast break to line break' -- subject(s): Basketball, Poetry, Sports

How did kaka break his back?

he dived into the shallow end of a swimming pool

How is soccer a dangerous sports?

people can break their bone

What is a example for tactics in year 8 swimming?

Practice A LOT to get better. Drink A LOT of water. Never take a long break from swimming.

How do women break their hymen?

A woman's hymen can break because of physical activity such as exercising. Another way that it can be broken is by intercourse.

Is the 97 tiburon consider a sports car?

nope. only cars that have v6, or at least break 200hp are sports cars

Why do sports players tape there wrist?

so they dont break or sprain it

What does interval mean in sports?

It means a short break in the time play.

Can your hymen break while on your period?

Not from being on your period, but it can break for things other than sex. Athletic activity is a common one.

What kind of sports might break hymen?

Horseback Riding is by far the most common sport liable to break the hymen.

Is swimming harder than track and field?

yes, they're both endurance sports, but swim requires more muscle usage He's right In swimming you used your entire body Tack and swimming are both sports that you can get reach your limit. What I mean is, let's take golf: No matter how hard you hit the ball, will you ever break a sweat at golf? No. However, swimming and track are both sports that you will get very tired from and burn many calories. Here is the killing argument: The average student person at my high-school runs a 7:00 mile. If you can somehow constantly go 25m/15 seconds in swimming the whole way, you will swim 1 mile in a little over 16 minutes. This means it takes much more time of your suffering to get the same distance you would get while running Remember that swimming causes suffering just as much, or maybe more than track (since you use your whole body) for the same amount of time

How do you determine the activity and dollar sales at the break even point?

The activity level at the break even point = fixed expenses/unit contribution margin Dollar sales at the break even point = fixed expenses/contribution margin ratio contribution margin ratio = contribution margin/sales

Can playing badminton breaks hymen?

Yes playing sports can cause it to break.

Who play sports and break world record?

there are many people that have played sports and have broken records like Brett favre and tom brady

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