Does bilingual mean two official languages?

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Yes, bilingual means having two languages (such as a country), or in two languages (such as a newspaper, or a translation dictionary).

But bilingual can also refer to a person. A person who can speak any two languages fluently is said to be bilingual, and if they can speak more than two languages fluently, they are multilingual.

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Q: Does bilingual mean two official languages?
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Related questions

What is a sentence for the word bilingual?

I speak two languages so I am bilingual. The bilingual countries, such as Canada and Equatorial Guinea, have two official languages.

What is the term for having two official languages?

A country with two official languages is called bilingual, just like a person who speaks two languages.

What is the term when two countries have two official languages?

Bilingual. Canda is officially bilingual using French and English.

What does bi lingual mean?

Bilingual means two languages. It is used to talk about people who can speak two languages My sister is bilingual

What do you call a country that has two official languages?

A country that has two official languages might be called "bilingual" but most people would merely call it by name and say, if necessary, that two languages have official status.

What does the word bilingual mean?

written or spoken in 2 languages

What really makes a country bilingual?

To make a country officially bilingual, there must be two official languages, selected by the government. If there is only one official language, but another language is spoken, the country is not considered officially bilingual.

What are countries that have two different languages called?

Bilingual countries. E.g. Finland is a bilingual country as its Official Languages are Finnish and Swedish. Whereas French is a monolingual country as it only speaks French.

What are bilingual people?

Someone who is bilingual knows two languages.

What word means 'able to speak two languages'?

Bilingual means able to speak two languages.

What does billingual mean?

Two languages; normally it's used to describe a person, "a bilingual person": a person who knows two languages.

What is the meaning of Bilingual?

Bilingual means the ability to speak in two languages.

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