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Yes yes he does and used to write Hannah Montana songs aswell

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Does Billy Ray Cyrus really write Hannah Montana's songs?

yes he does because I think that miley doesn't want to be Hannah so she won't write her own songs

Does Billy Joel write his own songs?

Yes, Billy Joel writes (lyrically) and composes (musically) all of his own songs.

Does Hannah Montana write her own music?

No, Billy Ray writes her songs.

Does Billy Talent write their own songs?

The Guitarist, Ian D'sa, writes most of the music and lyrics for their songs.

Does Billy Ray Cyrus write his own song?

Most of his songs he has written himself; however like most singers, he also does cover songs written by other people.His most famous song: "Achy Breaky Heart" was written by Don VonTress

Who wrote Billy Joel's songs?

With few exceptions, Billy writes his own songs.

Who are some musicians that don't write their own songs and who writes for them?

Rihanna, Miley Cyrus, Meat Loaf, Milli Vanilli (they didn't even sing their own songs) and Elvis Presley.

Does Nickelback write their own songs?

Yes , Nickelback write their own songs .

Do tokio hotel write their own songs?

Yes, they write their own songs.

Does skillet write their own songs?

yes, skillet does write their own songs

Why does Miranda Cosgrove write her own songs?

She doesn't write her own songs.

Does Miley Cyrus have her own wing of the house?

according to a show about billy ray Cyrus she does

Facts about Miley Cyrus and her music?

well shes hot and beautiful and she write her own songs and they express somethin in her life

Does Jessica Mauboy write her own songs?

Does Jessica Mauboy write her own songs?

Does mgmt write their own songs?

Yes, they actually write their own songs and music.

What songs did Miley Cyrus write by herself?

Miley Cyrus has not written any songs completely on her own, but she has co-written many songs. She wrote only her own Miley Cyrus songs, Disney writers write the Hannah Montana songs. She wrote:See You AgainLet's DanceG.N.O (Girl's Night Out)Right HereAs I AmClearGood and BrokenI Miss You7 ThingsThe DrivewayFull CircleFly on The WallThe Bottom of the OceanWake Up AmericaGoodbyeDon't Walk Away

Does Willow Smith write her songs?

NO Willow does not write her own songs. She says that "she doesn't because, she is to young and it is to dificult for her to write her own songs".

Does Selena write her own songs?

Selena Gomez does not write her own songs she just sings them

Does Avril Lavigne write all her own songs?

No, she doesn't write all of her own songs

What songs did Elvis Presley write?

He didn't write his own songs.

Does Alexandra Stan write her own songs?

she can barely sing her own songs!

Did Elvis Presley wright his own songs?

No he did not write his own songs

Does Metallica write their own songs?

Yes. Except for their cover songs/albums, they write their own music.

Does one republic write their own songs?

YES Ryan does write his own songs in One Republic

Does the band kiss write their own songs?

Yes they do write their own songs

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