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Black hair is called raven-haired, while brown is brunette.

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Is black hair considered brunette?

I think any shade of white to yellow hair is blonde, all browns are brunettes and black hair is raven.

What does brunette descrbe?

Women's hair is generally described as either blond, brunette or redhead; with brunette being darker hair (brown-black)

What color hair does a brunette have?

a brunette has a somewhat brown and black hair sometimes you will find a trace of red color

Is someone with black hair a brunette?

No, they are an Eumelanin.

Is David Archuleta a brunette?

a really dark brunette:)Don't really think his hair is brunette, it's black.

My hair is really really dark brown would you count that as black hair?

i would not count your hair as black because it is really brown. If you want to count your hair as black then you should die your hair black and then we could call it that.;)

Do most Jews have black hair?

Various shades of brunette.

What hair colors are most common?

BLack blonde and brunette :/

Which hair color is the prettiest red or blond or brunette or black?


What color hair does a brunette?

A brunette is a female with brown hair.

What is Zendaya Coleman's hair color?

Zendaya has black hair so the technical term for it would be Brunette

Is black hair considered to be a brunette color?

No. Its redish brown. Not BLACK OR JUST BROWN, (ashley). :P

What is a trendy hair color?

A hair colour could be brunette , red or even black .blonds are OK but not as good as the hair colour.

Brunette in spanish?

Morena (a woman having black hair and white or suntan skin)

What color is Skye Sweetnam's Hair?

Her actual hair color is brunette, but she dyes it frequently to blonde, black, and random colors.

If you have black hair is it possible for you to dye it brunette without your hair turning red in the sunlight?

yes but you would have to bleach it first

What is brunette?

A brunette is a girl with dark hair, brown or black. 1. (of hair, eyes, skin, etc.) of a dark color or tone. 2. (of a person) having dark hair and, often, dark eyes and darkish or olive skin

Who is a brunette?

brunette: a person with dark (brown) hair

What is the male form of 'brunette'?

brown hair

Was Juliet a brunette?

Juliet is not a real person. She is a character in a play. Her hair colour is whatever colour hair the actress has. She could be a brunette, blonde, black-haired or redhead. She could be bald for all it matters.

Who has more hair on their head redhead or brunette?

brunette. Redheads tend to have not as thick hair as brunettes.

How do you change blond hair to brunette?

In order to change blond hair to brunette, you must get hair dye and dye your hair the color you want.

What is Ashley's tisdale hair color?

AshleyTisdale's hair color was blond, but then she dyed it to brunette.Her actual hair color is brunette.

Are most puerto ricans black?

No. Puerto Ricans come in different colors, such as white, tan, black, blonde, brunette, red hair, black.

What colour of hair does tulisa have?

her hair is brunette