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no. black vinegar doesn't contain alcohol. it's take alcohol content to make you drunk.

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โˆ™ 2009-07-27 18:26:05
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Q: Does black vinegar make you drunk?
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Can you get drunk off of Vinegar?

no i dot think its possible to get drunk off of vinegar

Does gin and juice make you black?

no but it does make you drunk

What happens when magnesium and vinegar combine?

magnesium and vinegar make hydrogen, heat, and a black gunk.

What could old liquor do do you?

It could get you drunk if you drink enough. It could also make you vomit if it has turned into vinegar.

How is nitric aid different from vineagar?

Vinegar can be drunk from the bottle

Does drinking a cup of black coffee make you sober?

no it does not make you sober. , it makes you a wide-awake drunk

Why do girls have drunken make out sessions?

Because when they do that, they are most likely either A. black out drunk, B. too drunk to remember, or C. they are lesbians.

Is there a way to make black hair lighter with vinegar?

If you put half a bottle of vinegar in your hair and leave it for 3 hours then was your hair it will get lighter

Why are there black chunks in your vinegar?

Hehe, black chunks

Why does vinegar turn a nail black?

Vinegar is an acid (acetic acid). It will oxidize metals (causing them to rust)...which can look black.

What does vinegar do to your insides if drunk too much?

If you drink to much vinegar. you may experience slight nausea. The acid in vinegar is milder than your stomach acid, so it will not be likely to have any harmful effects.

What is sousier?

Souse (verb) to steep,soak or pickle in vinegar or white wine. Soused (adjective) a slang term for drunk so sousier more drunk.

What can you use instead of balsamic vinegar in strawberry shorcake?

brown rice vinegar OR Chinese black vinegar (cheaper) OR red wine vinegar + sugar or honey OR sherry vinegar OR fruit vinegar

Can vinegar be used to make cheese?

Yes, vinegar can be used to make cheese. There is a recipe called Vinegar Cheese and it requires milk and white vinegar.

What drink will get your wife drunk?

black russian

Can apple juice make you drunk?

Not like alcohol can. It may make you have a sugar rush, but not drunk.

Are banana peelings used as vinegar in investigatory project?

Yes, you can make a vinegar out of a banana peelings. You can also make a vinegar out of Pineapple peelings.

What will dissolve pepper?


What do you get when you mix Magnesium and vinegar?

Magnesium and Vinegar make Hydrogen

Can vinegar abort baby?

Vinegar can not make you abort and is not harmful.

How much vinegar is needed to have an miscarriage?

Vinegar will not make you miscarry.

How much money is it for vinegar?

It is possible to make vinegar at home.

Is white wine vinegar is halal?

I don't think so, as you can't be sure that all the alcohol is gone The Quran stated that you shouldn't get drunk, although i am unfamiliar with the fatwas - and also, in the cases of brain damage to the working memory where a teaspoon of vinegar can help. a teaspoon of vinegar wont get you drunk or intoxicate you. if you're really picky - just smell the bottle to incorporate the taste into your meal.

Can sake make you drunk and how?

Of course Sake can make one drunk. Why/how? Because it is an ALCOHOL CONTAINING beverage.

Does ambien make you drunk?

Ambien is a medication to aid sleep. It may impair your judgement but it does not make you drunk.