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Does butter give you pimples?

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yes, but it also depends if you're not allergic to it

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Does chocolate give you pimples?

chocolate does not give you pimples, its hormonal. normally when your stressed you eat chocolate and that's how you get pimples. hormones and stress give you pimples, NOT CHOCOLATE.

Does makeup give you pimples?

Yes they do give u pimples.

Does peanut butter help get rid of pimpils?

It has been scientifically shown that peanut butter does not help get rid of pimples. To get rid of pimples, use pimple cream.

How reduce pimples?

get pimple cream and rub butter or peanut butter on your pimple gently

Do chocolate or peanut butter make pimples?

No that´s a myth.

If chocolate can give you pimples what does dark chocolate brownies do?

Chocolate doesn't give you pimples. It's just a myth.

Home remidies for acne and pimples?

penut butter on your pimple over night

Does stress give you pimples?

yes it does

Do bangs give you pimples?

yeah they do

Can pimples give you headaches?

Yes it can

Does pill addiction give you pimples?

pill addiction can make u have pimples because the pills will have an underpants party with the hormones that give u zits and create new things called pimples

Do brownies give you pimples?

yes, if you eat any chocolate after the age of 13 then you get pimples/zits

Does fried food give you pimples?


Do pine nuts give you pimples?


Does pimples occur if you eat mango?

No it can not, it is eaten in the summer season so that it cools your body, it does not give anyone pimples

Does Hot Cheetos give you zits?

Most likley. They do give you pimples though!

Does Stanazol give you pimples?

yes lots, pimples develop all over the body including around genitalia areas!

What kinds of foods give you pimples?

Often sugary snacks give you pimples. This is more a prevalent problem if you eat a large amount and your body is not used to the intake of that much sugar.

Why do you get pimples durning puberty?

You get pimples during puberty because your pours are filling up with stuff that your body is trying to give off.

Does chicken nuggets give you pimples?

Yup.. You know, grease

Is it okay to give your dog butter or margarine?


How do you treat painful pimples on chin?

I pop my pimples and ill give you a good thing that you should do is eat less junk food because when i eat lost of chips and chocolate and pop i get lots of pimples

Do peanuts give you pimples?

It depends on how your skin reacts to the peanuts. For some people, eating nuts will cause pimples. For others, it won't happen.

Does candy give you pimples?

The main reason for getting pimples is anything that can clog your pores: too much make-up, dirt, grease etc. can give you zits. Excessive candy consumption can make the problem worse, yes, but eating a lot of candy, in and of itself, does not cause pimples.

Does penut butter cause acne?

Ok im only 14 yrs old & idk sh¡t about pimples & acne & stuff but penut butter is oily so it can cause acne!!

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