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Does caffeine hurt a baby while you are pregnant?


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Yes. Caffeine can lead to developmental problems of the baby. It is recommended that you drink no more than two cups of coffee per day while pregnant. None at all if you can manage it. Remember that caffeine is present in coffee, black tea, green tea, some soft drinks, cocoa and chocolate. So having tea instead of coffee is not a good alternative. Decaf coffee is also bad for the baby. Do not drink more than two cups per day.


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No that's a normal condition and can not hurt the baby.

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your babys brain will be damaged also your emotions will hurt your baby

No it doesnt hurt the baby in anyway when you pull out a tooth from a pregnant lady.

well you shouldn't spar while pregnant becase i mey hurt the baby or posibly kill it. so i strongly advise you to NOT spar while pregnant.

YES! You can be damaging the baby a lot. Especially if you fall. I strongly recommend you stay off of the tumbling mats while pregnant! Not only is the baby at risk, but you could also hurt yourself!

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Dr. Pepper has one of the highest caffeine percentages in soft drinks on the market and it is advised that you don't have caffeine while pregnant. I would think to drink one every so often wouldn't hurt, but daily no.

It will not hurt the baby. As long as the couple is careful not to be overly physical with the abdominal area, there is no problem.

Breathing in the fumes of the chemicals can be harmful for your baby when you are pregnant.

Yes, it is safe to eat crabe when you're pregnate, it won't hurt you're baby and nether will it hurt you!

You should limit your caffeine while pregnant. So don't make it a hobby of drinking it all the time. You should have one cup or less of coffee a day. But one cappuccino won't hurt.

Yes, in some shape or form- depends on the contraception

i was on that when i became pregnant with my first child, and she didn't have birth defects. birth control doesnt hurt the baby just as long as you stop taking it once you find out you are pregnant.

Yes, if you breath in the second hand smoke in the air, then your baby is getting the smoke too.

You don't. You are pregnant and growing a human being. If you try to lose weight, you could hurt your baby. Weight loss can come after baby is born.

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Don't smoke. It being in your system will not hurt the baby. Smoking it while pregnant can due to the chemicals caused by conbustion. It will be out of your system in 30 days or less.

Yes it is safe. You will not hurt your baby by eating meat. meat is a protein!

Yes, (but you didn't ask if it is a good idea, or if it will hurt you or the baby).

If you are pregnant, any amount of alcohol can hurt the baby.

yes=yes it is safe to swin when you are pregnant an its good exercise an it will help when youe having the baby it wont hurt as much=

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