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Does caffeine really stunt your growth?

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No, it is an urban myth.

I'm shorter than my friend(used to be taller) and i have caffeinated tea every single day but i doubt it is because of that. I have a 5"7" dad and a 5"8" mom, she has a 6"2" dad and a 5"3" mom so our height difference is probably due to genes from parents.

2010-01-16 00:00:38
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Q: Does caffeine really stunt your growth?
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Does caffeine in general stunt growth?

no, it does not. it is thought to, but it won't stunt your growth! it is still not good for you.

Does caffeine stunt growth?

No, that's a myth. No. Caffeine has no effect on growth, despite the wide-spread urban myth to the contrary.

What are the release dates for Truth or Scare - 2013 Does Caffeine Stunt Growth 1-1?

Truth or Scare - 2013 Does Caffeine Stunt Growth 1-1 was released on: USA: 10 June 2013

Does caffeine stunt your growth?

Many people say so. I've been told often not to drink coffee because it will stunt my growth, and I am roughly 6 foot. I drink coffee and tea lots, so I take in caffeine regularly. Caffeine as you may have heard has lots of side effects and should be taken in appropriate doses, it is a drug that can play with your nervous system.'One thing that caffeine doesn't do is stunt growth. Although scientists once worried that caffeine could hinder growth, this isn't supported by research.'I hope you find this site of help.

Does decaf coffee stunt your growth?

no not really

Do high heels really stunt your growth?


Factors that stunt growth?

Growth can be stunted by doing certain activities. These activities include caffeine, carrying heavy objects, smoking, and lack of sleep.

Does marijuanna stunt your growth?

Yes, marijuanna does stunt your growth.

Does swimming stunt your growth?

doe swimming stunt peoples growth \

Is redbull bad for plants?

The caffeine in redbull may be good, but the rest of the ingredients may stunt the growth or even kill the plant.

Do energy drinks stunt the penis growth?

Maybe, but it won't stunt your growth

Does deodorant stunt growth?

No it doesn't stunt physical growth but there are deodorants out there that stunt hair growth. Sure and Dove and hair minimising roll-ons and sprays.

Can steroids stunt growth?

no it cannot stunt your growth but it does affect the size of your breasts or penis.

Im13 and wondering can lifting weights stunt your growth?

i dont think it will stunt your growth.

Does masterbrate stunt growth?

Nope - masturbation does not stunt your growth !

Lifting how many pounds would stunt a teenager's growth?

Weight Lifting Does Not Stunt Growth.

Does drinking soy milk stunt growth?

There is no scientific reason for soy milk to stunt your growth.

How do teens stunt their growth?

teens stunt their growth by working out to much, or drinking to much coffee

Does caffeine stop a growth spurt?

No, not really, but it can be dangerous if you drink or eat to much.

Does working out stun your growth?

over strength training has proven to stunt growth and some supplements (steroids) also can stunt growth

Does weight vests stunt your growth?

Weight vests will not stunt your growth. A person's growth in all internal and it does not matter what types of items they have on them.

Will wearing diapers stunt penis growth?

no. but it will stunt your dignity.

Can jogging stunt your growth?


Does soccer stunt growth?


Does coffee affect your growth?

No coffee does not stunt your growth.